Thursday, December 18, 2014

Good Old Clear Out.

Just finished an article about the purge before the New Year and thought heck - best take some of my own advice and give away clothes I hadn't worn in a year. Also out goes dresses too short for the 52-year-old knees (oh gravity - you beyotch!). Btw, how do we end up with clothes we like but never wear? According to Fashion Therapist, Vanessa Hernandez, it's because we go for print and color when in fact fit is the most important consideration.

This is all going to my sister....the blue Burberry coat was $40 second hand, never wore it as I already had a blue coat. Out go all the narrow shoes that are bunion unkind.

Not sure if I was being intentionally gormless here? Out goes this dress, pretty short even five years ago which is why I'm wearing strange tights I guess.

Nice story about youth today...Harley was asked to be in the "court" of his lovely friend Lois who was having her 18-year-old debut, performed in the traditional Filipina style. In all, 16 of her friends - boys and girls - practised the cotillion and a number of other formal dances for EIGHT months before the evening.  The cotillion was so intricate and graceful and so, so beautiful there as not a dry eye in the house. They danced it to the song of A Thousand Years. Friends, I defy you to listen to this song and not be affected. Bring back the Cotillion, I say!

Harley dancing around his friend Lois on her 18th birthday. At the beginning 8 girls bring her a candle and a rose and tell her what she meant to them. Eight boys each do a little dance around her. 

I wore my swishy blue frock, which turned out to be Lois blue.

Just found a snap of Harley as a three-month-old bubby, with his cousin Devan:

Baby Harley and cousin Devan 17 years ago. Seems like yesterday and yet a thousand year ago.

Also on the "youth today" theme, Cy, 10, is nothing if not genius about managing expectations.  He may not have covered himself in glory this year, as old FF would say. I just saw the start of his letter to Santa Claus.

My article about all the decor stores on Piedmont Ave, Oakland was in the SF Chronicle. Loved a new store called Mulberry Home which was a mix of Cali cool and East Coast preppy.

Mulberry Home

Arjan florists do that thing of using fruits and herbs in decorations

Also did an article about the couple who own Heath Ceramics (an iconic ceramics company in Sausalito) for Anthology mag (sorry no link). Trending are those old-fashioned pink tiles, black tiles and dark grout with a light tile. One of my Kiwi friends said she was all set then; her bathroom grout is all black (mold).

There I am with all the youngies
The couple who own Heath at their home in Sausalito. I really admire couples who work together but we could never (ever!) do it. What about you?
Their kitchen with acid yellow tile

This morning I went to Tamale-making Christmas party at my friend Cindy's house. The tortilla soup was incredible. I wore my stretch boots from Mexico.

silk sweatshirt

Purchased in a store in Sayulita, Mexico, eminently bunion-friendly as it turns out...

Cindy and her son Travis, 17 with the Tamales.

From the Philippines  to Mexico - friends, never say I don't take you places on this blog. We're headed out to the famiglia in Ohope Beach, NZ tomorrow. Apparently it's cold and raining. What are you up these holidays?

Friday, November 28, 2014


Hope you are well? It's been a whole month since I blogged, heck. The blank page becomes so frightening, doesn't it? And then you start thinking: why would anyone want to read my nonsense...Thanks for writing in and getting me back into it. It's the day after Thanksgiving here, bright and shiny. We had a quiet-ish one, but a good one. My brother, Tony, and his family came over the bridge, he has four girls: Pietra, 23, Devan, 20, Mirabelle, 11 and Cecily, nine, so for once it was girls galore.

The whole fang dang family
The front garden knew visitors were coming - old show-offs

Can you believe our hibiscus are blooming, Oakland in November.

It had all the ingredients of a traditional Thanksgiving. The day opened bright and beautiful with requisite yelling at the kids dispensing of repeated instructions about scrubbing the outdoor chairs.

The mish mash of chairs, tablecloths and wobbly tables from the garage that makes up Thanksgiving.

A day like this would not be complete without Kevin and I having a marital about how to cook the bird. Last year Kevin opted for Tarquin, the Ashtanga practising eco-bird from Sonoma. It was a mite tough so (after a few reminders from moi) this year he purchased one that was pre-brined. Friends, it was perfect.

Tallulah and Kevin with his golden pre-brined bird

Like childbirth, by the time the guests arrived we'd forgotten the pain. What a great day. It was all there: the early tension and ranting, the competitive ping pong, the loosening of the belts, the talk of surgeries past, the differences of opinion over who was the hero of childhood reminiscences. And many good chortles.

I did the roasted potatoes (serrated and covered in flour - how do you do yours?) plus roast yam and butternut squash in lemon. We had kale salad (loads left over in case you're wondering)

Plates of food never photograph well do they? But it was yummy
Brother Tony made the speech, his wife Grace behind him (love her dress!)

Tony's younger girls made the pies under the tutelage of their babysitter (who is a pastry chef by training...this is the Bay Area after all)

It was so warm we ate the pie on the deck out front


Tallulah, Teddy and Cecy
Cy taught the girls to Ripstick
Tony, 54, had double hip replacement last month. But the old man still beat Harley, 17.

Corner shop flowers performed well

Groundhog Day on the outfit, same as last year, Alice and Olivia trou
I know you to come to this blog for bunion-kind outfits but these are one aberration...the old YSLs are the most comfy (all relative) high sandals you'll find in the land
That old holiday staple, the clink of young children taking bottles to the recycling bin, was missing this year - Kevin and I have been on a two-month no-drinking binge (is that a thing?). We've got two weeks left.

And the line-up that makes it all worthwhile...

Cousins; Mirabelle, 11, Harley, 17, Cecily, nine, Cy, 10,  Jackson, 15, Devan, 20, Tallulah, 13, and Li'l Pietra, 23.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Three Last-Minute (!) Halloween Costumes

Young Wendy reckons she "sucks at Halloween." Well, if she has one pumpkin on her porch that's 100 percent more decorating than I've done this year for Halloween - or as Cy calls it "The birth of the Candy Gods." Today I did take some snaps of three genius-easy costumes ideas while Tallulah was shopping at her favorite second hand store Crossroads. Just in case you need a last minute costume...

All you need for this one is to cut out a paper beard and stick on a slip.

Hipster Waldo Just Wants to Find Himself. 

Wanda, The SouthWest Witch. (Just wear black with a touch of Santa Fe)

Some others we've have done in past years, though not all for Halloween.

Viking Kevin - look behind you!
Me (right) having cocktails with Viking grrrlfriends
Sarah, Lesley and Sally doing Seventies, baby. I know who to come to for white boots

Me and Kevin being the Green Day guys, Billie Jo and Tre Cool. They used to live around the corner - wonder if this costume had anything to do with them moving away?
Back of Green Day
Andrew and Caryn doing Avatar

Vicki and Michael - The Hangover

Me and Kevin being Wacky Races. Teddy is McMutley. I'm not going to win any Oscars with my scared face - put some effort into it girl!

Tallulah and friend Ariana are Cookie Monsters. Cy is a baseball fan

12 years ago! before our re-model, Me and Kevin, two faces of Boy George: Doing Probation and Eighties George
Me and Kevin were Royal Tenenbaums
Seb and Laura being Shy Ronnie and Bonnie (Sat Night Live)

More characters from Sat Night Live including The Wild and Crazy Guys!
SNL characters: Dick in a Box, Two Pats and Roseanna Roseanneadana

More SNL: Mary Katherine Gallagher and Martha Stewart's Topless Christmas

Phew, this is only a tenth of our costume photos. Hope you have a spooky day possums! Much love my boos.

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