Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lounge Pants

Are you embracing the Lounge Pant? (everything is singular here in the US; pant, not pants) This is the first in my series of the Pants: the Lounge Pant, the Party Pant and Square Pants. All of which can veer into the Ugly Pants category. The Lounge Pants are not particularly flattering and yet somehow they were calling me. They even make Alessandra Ambrosio (mmm now I feel like some of that goopy fruit salad) ... well bigger is not the word, but not as skeletal. If you want to wear these you have to turn the cheek. Here's my latest foray...

It has a expandable band round the back

Here's some celebs wearing the Lounge Pant.

Alessandra Ambrosio

A real life happening

Ashley Tisdale with the tie dye
Kate Hudson

Singer Nicole Scherzinger
Sierra. I know.

These are the even loosier goosy wide-legged version, which counter-intuitively, are more flattering.

And the ones in-between

These are not to be confused with Party Pants - Amal Clooney (can this woman do no high-end clobber wrong? I don't think so!) looks brilliant in her new ones,  groovy but sleek.

My ones are a Lounge Pants-Ugly Pants hybrid - they look a bit measles-y from far away and you don't want to be seen running in them.  They qualify as veritable Man-Repellers (the old Hubstar gave them the thumbs down) but somehow they are happy making.

Here are my inaugural pair of Lounge Pant which I took to the Camino in Spain. They were ambidextrous as all get-out  - I wore them night and day.  Probably I looked a bit cat-lady-crazy in silk pants-PJs with storks on them, but loved the material and how comfy they were.

Wearing Lounge Pant by day and by night Camino in torrential rain with Pietra (left of me) and two Swedish sisters we met

Full Disclaimer: If you live somewhere steamy-hot or you suffer from what my friend Mike calls "swamp arse" (I know, I know, I'm always doing the technical fashion terms) or you have heated leather seats in your car (Smell You Princess Grace, as my other friend Kenny would say) this may not be the trend for you. Just sayin.'

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CSL Home Tour

More home stuff, but this time it's other people's homes. This Friday and Saturday (April 24th and 25th) is the CSL Home Tour -  a tour of five homes in Piedmont and Oakland. Please run, don't walk to get a ticket. This tour raises around $120,000 year to help at-risk children in the East Bay.  It's a wonderful opportunity to have a good old nosy around people's houses - and do some good. I think the US is the only country to do these tours, isn't it? A few tantalising snaps of what you will see. All photos by Treve Johnson.

You will get to see five homes with very varied styles, including Tudor (shown above), Mid Century (1970's) Modern, 1910 brown shingle Craftsman, Spanish Mediterranean and Spanish Revival.

You can buy tickets online or from a variety of places around the East Bay including Terrace Gifts and Coffee on Broadway Terrace.

Which room (or space) in peoples' homes do you love seeing most? For me I think it's still the kitchen. I am having a moment with the old bar cart these days though. They always look so refreshing don't you think?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our House in Sunset

Our house is in Sunset this month. Here's some of the snaps. They called it The Fun House. Very nice of them.

Reactions from the six inmates?
Me: "Never wearing that sweater again. I look as though I've eaten a baby deer."
Kevin: "My bald spot isn't really that it?" (this is the male version of "does my bum look big in this?" The answer is always "no.") 
Harley, 17: " They didn't put in a photo of the basketball hoop."
Jackson, 15: (not looking at the magazine) "cool."
Tallulah, 13: " I wish you would actually do that in real life." (Cut up watermelon) 
Cy, 11: "Main thing is Teddy (the dog) is in four photos."
Teddy, 2. I hated to remind him of the day. He spent most of the photoshoot disgracing himself with his oversize Panda bear which I later stuffed into the  recycling bin.
The Fun House.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Kia Orana! It's our last day here on Rarotonga (pop. 10,000) Cy and I have burned backs (i blame the parents) and we stopped counting the bug bites (Mum and Dad seem to be immune as Kiwis) but what a stunningly beautiful island and lovely people. The seas are ridonculously azure, the crushed-coral beaches bridal white.

Mum at the botanical gardens, not to be missed

We went to a music festival
Quite a lot of lying down
Cultural extravaganza
More lying down

We hired bikes, it takes two and a half hours to get round the island. Mum, 76, did well because she got on,, fell off and got back on again. 

Mum, 76, and Dad, 78 leading the way

We took a small plane across to Aitutaki and boated around its outer islands which the Australian passengers said was the most idyllic islands they's seen, just like Bora Bora apparently. 

Our hotel, the Pacific Resort, is small and private and beautifully landscaped, like staying with that rich friend with good taste that you havent met yet. ( where is that jolly friend? Im tired of paying for hotels..) 

We ate loads of fruit but we also ate loads of burgers done kiwi style ( kiwis use loads of beetroot, grated carrot and pineapple and fried eggs on burgers). The fries here were the best i've ever tasted - crunchy on the outer, softy on the inner. 

Tallulah serenaded us everynight with tunes like Valerie and Lucky while Dad expertly measured out the Gin and Tonics.

Most everyone goes to church here. Went to Easter Sunday church and the congregation invited us back for their pot-luck brunch:  baked bananas, taro cakes, raw fish and pork and carrot cake to die for. 

The swimsuits all turned out well, specially liked the swimsuit and cover-up trou by Helen Jon and cover-up by Elif. For health and safety purposes you will be spared swimsuit shots.

We met some lovely people. The Beach Hut boys laughed more in one day at work than most people do In a  lifetime. 

They are grateful for what they have. And gracious. It's very humbling. No tipping here. Still, many here only earn $5 an hour and they live very simply ( though health and education are paid for ) and sometimes it must be hard to reconcile that with prices and what visitors spend  - one day we paid NZ $8 for pot of tea.

Hope you're all well? I'll post more snaps when I get back in two days. Until then will be a day on the plane trying to practise gratefulness and scratching my itchy bites...
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