Friday, May 28, 2010

ooh, aaaaye, succulents, chook

This word has to be said with a Mancunian (Manchester) accent, like someone in the British TV show Corrie (Coronation Street). Suuuucuuulents. Say it now, it's fun.

These are the best plants ever, like growing triffids. Succulents give everything a beachy feel (they flourish at beach in sand and little water) and just make you smile.

After searching for months for modern planters, I came across some glossy retro ones called Pod Aluminium Planters at AplusRstore in LA. This is a treasuretrove of goodies and Andy bends over backwards (figure of speach, we spoke on the phone) to help you. I eventually opted for the the seagreen blue but they have loads of scrummy colours. The pots don't have drainage holes in the bottom and succulents need good drainage. So I planted them first in other cheap plastic containers, placing them into the glamorous seagreen ones, using packing peanuts between the two for drainage.

Now, in my house and garden, I have excluded red and pinks in favour of my three colours: chartreuse green, purple and orange. (tiny bit OCD.) But with succulents you need the contrast so have made an exception to my rule. You need the red and pinks. Mix it up, chook.

Look how happy they look out on my front deck. Don't die, my succulents...

Do you love succulents (or speaking with a Mancunian accent while outdoors)? Eh, up, chook. Tell all.

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  1. Our gardener planted several nice juice succulents in containers around the patio, and within a day they were totally devoured by squirrels. So he replaced them with ones with nice sharp pointed spikes and so far these are being left alone.


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