Friday, January 21, 2011

High Tide Heels

We're off to Tahoe tonight - ooops in half an hour - skiing for the weekend.  But it's been so jolly hot today I'm thinking the snow melt might require these fabulous High Tide Heels. Sent via my friend MD, these little beauties were created by the wonderful Australian designer Lisa Carney for one of her fashion shows.

Brilliant - an end to my search for something to divert from swimsuit leg nightmare! Here's the model wearing them, looking rather rasta-Bond Ursula Andress and altogether fabulous - and why shouldn't we look equally fab in them?

Thought also Lisa Carney's jewelery was so gorgeous I should post her Beach Pebble necklace too.

So a trio of randomness, but hopefully the heels will afford you a little chortle while you pour that well-earned Friday night glass of Vino. Cheers! Feeling sufficiently silly now? Voice from behind me is saying "Maam, Step away from the knife-spoon! We're cutting you off from the Kiwifruit !"(Refer to yesterday's post for the gen on that one).

Okay peeps, just to let you know, on Monday it's all about easy skiing with kids. Bit of an oxymoron?

What are you up to for the weekend? Can't wait to hear from you...


  1. Love the necklaces. Not so sure about the fin heels. Have fun skiing!!

  2. See you, Lesley - have a great weekend!

  3. Skiing sounds fun! Nothing too exciting happening for me over the weekend but I had a great time with friends tonight :)

  4. Those are hysterical! Love! have fun skiing

  5. Hi Jody, I just awarded your blog with the Stylish Blogger Award on my blog :)


  6. Lol, I'm not too sure the diversion would be a good one with those flippers!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  7. As if walking in heels weren't challenging enough!! Those are what I would call "photo-shoot shoes". :)

  8. The "High Tide Heels"are an art piece created by Belgian artist Paul Schietekat.
    Lisa Carney's shoe is the front of a flipper nailed onto a wooden heel.
    You can see more of Paul's work at


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