Monday, December 12, 2011

The Iron Lady Cracked

On Saturday we were invited to a young person's party in Ocean Beach, San Francisco. By "young" I mean that some persons were under the age of 45. It was a disco party with a DJ arriving at 10pm. No way would we last until the dancing, but I tried for a Studio 54 look anyway. Or rather, Someone's Mum at Studio 54.  My pink floppy bow shirt, arrquaar high-waisted trou and faux fur jacket.

Me and domestic and disco goddess, Chaz, trying on her fascinators

Did I hear someone call out: "Oooh, the Iron Lady-on-Crack!" Is that better or worse than the "June-Cleaver-on-Crack!" I sometimes get for my love of floppy-bow shirts and bright colours.

Our host was the fantastic Chaz who has collections of: wigs, jewelery that drapes around your head, feather earrings and fascinators. We tried on some of her fascinators. Then exhausted, us oldies settled into the comfy sofas near the dessert table and talked about cholesterol levels and various aches and pains. Periodically one of us would rise to fill our plates with some of the 100lb of ham and turkey Chaz had cooked that day. And sometimes a young 'un would approach us and talk about their art installation at Burning Man which was very nice indeed.

There is a certain amount of madness (and oldness) creeping into my life and it has bubbled to the surface lately.

1. Mad thing one: I love all these foods below: marshmallows, tinned tomato soup, tinned fruit, saltine  crackers with plastic cheese, rice pudding. Washed down with non-alcoholic beer because I'm trying not to drink so much (not that I have a problem mind you...oh-ho-no!) But all in one meal? Yes, this was Thursday dinner.

All the foodgroups for dinner tonight!

2. Mad thing two: Sat morning I booked a 9am haircut for all four kids, at the same time as their piano lesson. (To add to the fun, one child was at a birthday sleepover and another had basketball.) Instead of canceling anything, I drove maniacally back and forth between our house and the hairdresser for three hours.

Haircut kids arrive home

3. Mad thing three: I was devastated to hear that my bum shot was not one of the three holiday pics selected to screen on Jumbotron in Times Square over the holidays. But what was I thinking? Below is one of the winning shots...It's my friend Lesley and her fam. Lesley made the costumes herself. Say. No. More.

Need to look a little more festive, peeps....
My Jumbotron friend took pity on me, apparently my bum may be re-considered in an "Awkward Photo" campaign.

Pondering my weekend I mused: "Am I going mad? Madder-than-a-meat-axe kind of mad?"
Friend said: "Jody, don't you see? You're not mad. It just that you're nearly 50 - you're started to go through... um, menopause."

Oh, so not mad then.... Just menopause....Menooopa-uas-sa!-sa!-sagagh!


  1. I had plastic cheese and crackers for dinner the other night too and if I can't find anything to bring to work for my lunch tomorrow it may be a repeat performance LOL

  2. How on earth did Lesley get her husband to dress up as an elf? There's no way on earth my dearly beloved would do that, he would think I'd gone insane just thinking about it!

    I double booked this evening - a meeting with one of my son's teachers at a parents meeting, and going out for a jolly drink with some friends I haven't seen for ages. Guess which one I chose (#badmummy)...

  3. Gotta respect a man who has the cajones to dress up as an elf (but I'm not sure the photographic evidence is a good idea)....although looking at that picture, I think your friend put a bit more effort into giving her own costume a contemporary feel!

  4. You have just reminded me to book haircuts! Your friend Lesley and her family look great! Have a lovely week:)

  5. Those bow blouses are all the rage among the well dressed :O)

    Maybe next year your bum just needs a Santa hat?

  6. You madness seems, somehow, very sane to me!!!

  7. I fancy some tinned rice pudding now after looking at that pic......and how talented is your friend? and you must ignore the menopause...just don't have it!

  8. I just finished a lunch of tinned tomato soup and toast with plastic cheese. And loved it!

    And just for the record, your young party looks uber hip. I applaud you for getting your arse dressed at all. When you are truly old, you'll simply RSVP no and sit on couch eating tinned food and watching Law & Order reruns.


  9. Oh my gosh, that picture of your friend's family is cracking me up!! I love it!

  10. You look great! Love the little hats :)

  11. 1) At least you know how to cut corners.
    2) At least you're aware that corners shouldn't always be cut.
    3) He must really love her (& she is a complete all-in-one package, huh??).

    And you are one COOL (to be read with huge emphasis) 50-year-0ld gal to be wanted at a "young persons" party... menopause or otherwise =).

  12. I love how your friend has far and away the nicest costume out of all of them - good woman!

  13. burning man?
    i would have immediately retrieved my purse and walked home....
    whenever someone {typically youngish} mentions 'burning man' i look for my orthopedic shoes and reach for my sally field recommended boniva tablets....
    feeling old.

  14. You are hilarious! This post really made me laugh. I don't think you are mad, at all. You look gorgeous in that photo from your friend's party. I love the bow shirt!

  15. You look utterly fab in your Studio 54 garb...btw is that a dead parrot nesting in your hat!

    As for Lesley ....words fail me. Is she some kind of elf fetishist and how on earth did she get her hubby to don that elf vest??

  16. Oh my gosh--- your blog is a constant source of amusement! I love the outfit (and I am under 45 :) ) and i think your meal says you have been crazy busy and the driving means you are a fantastic mother and as for the photo? Their loss!!!!

  17. omg, that three hours of driving back and forth being super mom, that's exactly why I never believe you when you say you're a slug--hardly!!! It's exactly how my mom was {although she took lots of credit for being super mom, lol}. I'm not even going to share what I've been craving/eating lately...just way too embarassing...let's just say it's frozen and microwaveable and leave it at that.

    xo Mary Jo

  18. You are a rockstar mom, partying it up, driving back and forth like that, and just being cool you!! Its funny you have four kids to drive around to different places and I complain about driving two around...and its mostly more the one kid than both!! YOU ROCK...but need to eat better! :) I hope you and your family have an amazing holiday and Happy New Year!

    BTW I love that your friend made those and her family wore them! :)

  19. Cool outfit ...I had a good laugh reading this post!
    in Christmas sweater!
    I am so glad to have just stumbled across your lovely blog. I am your newest follower! I look forward to popping back for some more inspiration!

  20. Sorry about the typo in my comment - I hit post before I got a chance to fix it!
    Melissah from Scrapbook


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