Monday, June 9, 2014

Ohope Beach

Dad's computer guy has just been (didn't want to be paid anything: "Oh no worries, gold as gold, no, no I insist, just happy to help") so finally I was able to upload my photos and do this wee post from Ohope Beach in the Bay of Plenty, NZ.

Mum's garden

Mum and Dad's house

Old Lorraine Downes looks good for 50 in her new Ellen look, doesn't she?

Dad walks over the cliff to the next beach every morning, he's 78!


Mum's friend called to say her son was in the NZ Herald winning the fun run. Go Scott! 

Mum and Poppy discuss the day's agenda

Dad on his 7.30am walk over the hill

Mum and Dad introduced me to House of Cards. They watch things old school, week by week.  First off we saw the reviews of last week's scenes.
Dad: "Oh heck, I can't stand that woman"
Mum: "Oh well Arthur, you don't have to put up with her, he pushed her under the train last week, remember"
Dad: "Oh gee, she'll be looking for work this week then."

I'm going to be in some photos for a magazine tomorrow. Which of these outfits work best do you reckon? Promise to put on some make-up on and brush my hair as well.

Heading up to Auckland this arvo to see the old sisters blisters, but for today I'm still the special one, eh Mum?


  1. Wow, he sure keeps on the go. I was so glad when she got pushed under the train haha

  2. Your parents' house and surroundings look beautiful... and how come it looks so warm and sunny? Not fair! It's vile, rainy and cold here!
    Regarding duds to wear for your mag shoot, I love the look of the last pic with the patterned sweater thingy!
    What magazine? V exciting!
    it feels quite odd thinking you're just over the pond (so to speak) and not in a totally different continent!

  3. Those egg yolk are so orange!
    And I like the first outfit.
    Your parents house looks like heaven....

  4. Lovely place, your parents'!

    I would wear the first outfit. It allows your face to be the focal point, not your clothes. JMO Give us the link when it's up. :)

  5. You must LOVE going home!!! I might fly over on this evening's flight! Looks so wonderful...the beach...eggs...everything..
    I like the coloured tops a lot more than those long line cardigan things. I think the coloured tops will photograph nicely. Pop a necklace on...or not. Xx

  6. NZ is so lovely. Makes going over hills easier? But I think first outfit. Easy on the eye.

  7. Lovely piccies of your parents' place. Love the beach.

    I suggest the top outfit, the one in grey. Very stylish. The busy blue doesn't do it for me, and the other one makes you look like a layered cake. :)

  8. That looks like such a pretty place to spend some time. I like the first outfit best, very simple and classy; but generally no one listens to my fashion advice!

  9. It is absolutely pissing it down over the BOP tonight and howling a farken gale

  10. Love that picture of him walking down the steps. And House of Cards is AWESOME!!!

  11. Your parents' home and garden are lovely and I think I would be inspired to walk to that beach (but not quite so early in the morning!) As for the outfits, I'm always drawn to neutrals so I would say the top one but I also like the last one which is a great design and not too much colour ... that's not really helpful I suppose!

  12. The first photo or the second for a wee bit of color around your face!
    Your parents home is so so beautiful........reminds me of yours here a wee bit too!Lucky YOU you have both parents around to spoil you.....ENJOY!

  13. Such gorgeous pictures; makes me want to visit NZ (staying with your parents obviously!!!). And definitely the first outfit x

  14. I'm just going to stay here a while and admire your photos - such a lovely selection which say so much about you and your family.
    I would go for the first outfit but as it's already tomorrow, you will have already made your decision.

  15. From the sound of you, being at home with the folks is doing you good. Their place looks really great and who doesn't love bacon and for the outfits then probs 2 or 3......or 1 but with some colour help at all there am I!! Are you skyping the family back at the ranch? x

  16. I like outfit #2, that colour is great. Walking on the beach every day would be heavenly. As for looking good "for 50", my friend says that if you have to add " for 50, 60, 70 etc" that they really don't look especially good...ha ha. She is also under 40 so I generally disregard her opinion. Have a nice visit with your parents.

  17. I like outfit #2, that colour is great. Walking on the beach every day would be heavenly. As for looking good "for 50", my friend says that if you have to add " for 50, 60, 70 etc" that they really don't look especially good...ha ha. She is also under 40 so I generally disregard her opinion. Have a nice visit with your parents.

  18. I wager you let the photographer decide on your outfit. Do let us know when and where it is published. Not likely the Nickel Ads. Cheers!

  19. Oh Lord, I so need to visit New Zealand! It looks AWESOME!!!

    The first outfit is the one you should wear. You look beautiful in all three, but I'm leaning towards the first one the most.

  20. Your parents are sweet, I love the walk your dad goes on, it looks like the perfect way to start the day too. I think you should wear the last outfit, I like that one the most!! xx

  21. Beautiful scenery. And a lovely breakfast... with all the walking it's fine to have a breakfast like that.
    I am rubbish at choosing outfits, even for myself, so I will keep schtum.

  22. I love your parents house and garden… and that beach!!! Magical! I would happily do that cliff walk every day too with scenery like that. Hope the interview went well… will look forward to hearing what you wore (as I'm far too late to the post to contribute meaningfully to what you should wear!) xx

  23. How lucky are you to have such a wonderful bolt hole and Mum and Dad
    to boot.
    I like the third outfit - by a mile . It looks so cool and chic.

  24. That looks so lovely - I LOVE New Zealand. I can see where you get your stylishness and home design talents from now.....I like the first outfit, but that's probably because it's more my colors. They are all chic.

  25. It looks like you are having a fabulous visit home Jody! How lucky to have your mom and dad around and so healthy. We lost my dad 5 years ago but my mom is on her European Honeymoon right now and she's almost 84. I'm feeling happy about that. Love all 3 of the looks. I'm sure this photo shoot has already happened so I'll just say whichever one you went with was by far the best pick!
    xx, Heather

  26. I always love to see your parents home so unique and the vegetation is so great. Of course I am a bit late and you will have had your photo shoot by now I love the second outfit . This colour blue really suits you.

  27. I love seeing NZ through your eyes! My friend just started working on HOC so now I too am feeling pressure to watch it

    1. Hi Alexis, I've missed you. Keep watching for you on my sidebar for you to come back to blogging. PLus you seriously need to give us the scoop on HOC!!

  28. Jody, Love your parents little world down there. Sweet and they sound a lot like my own. Love all your outfits, but especially the blue blouse. You look great in all colors! x


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