Monday, June 7, 2010

succulents redux: love them and leave them

Friends have asked me about my succulent post.  Who planted them? I did.

Not that I didn't agonise for months over which succulent goes where. In the end I went to Orchard Nursery in Lafayette and asked one of the staff to pick out a mix of succulents to fill my six blue pots. That's what you've got to do - just dive in .... and ask someone else to pick them out for you.  I then went to Terrace Nursery in Oakland right around the corner from me and bought interesting little additions like these ones and popped them in.

You are supposed to allow them to dry out between waterings, which is great because I am a benign neglect gardener. And if you don't water them for ages and ages, they go amazing blues and oranges. But am I torturing these poor things just so they fit in with my colour scheme?

Above is pic of me on our front deck simply ignoring my succulents which are growing like billio anyway.

Don't apply this advice to husbands or children. You can ignore them all you want but they still won't fit into your colour scheme.

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