Thursday, October 14, 2010

Abutilon Love

The plants in your garden are not like your children. You can - and you will - have favourites. For me, it's my Abutilon.

That's this month....I am fickle when it comes to my garden offspring and my "first place" love varies from month to month. Last month it was my wild and wonderfully crazy Kangaroo Paw. The Paw is a cracking good laugh. It seems to be calling out: "Now I'm sticking up! Now I'm down! Look at me! Now I'm sideways!" It looks perfect in the garden for months and months on end and stays smiling for weeks in a vase.

But now it's time to be lulled by the dappled gentleness of the Abutilon. It is unstructured, yet confident holding its own amongst the grande dames like the magnolia tree in front. And both in the back and front its so nice to see its unguarded spread against the linear concrete hardscape.

It is in four places in my garden and seems just right everywhere.

In our front yard I really love the yellow and orange flower and the variegated one makes a nice contrast.

But now I'm out here in the front it's hard not to be amused by The Paws for it's irrepressible sense of fun. Hmmm...a veritable plant-lovers' Sophie's Choice.

What is the favourite plant in your garden?


  1. Jody- Your garden is lovely! So pretty.

    Kayce is lying. I'm am sure she has some evergreens somewhere. My plants are under lots of snow and I'll say hello to them in Spring. This a year I think the snow will stick in Albany, NY



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