Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sweaty Emma gets on Jack's Gold List.

You may be wondering why the weird title. I had intended to do a liltingly domestic post on how I hadn't done any Christmas decorating save for my door wreath, pictured below. But then I realised what people really want to read about. Sweat. And lists.

Yesterday I came across some blogging information which indicated that my scribblings about the paucity of my Christmas decorations may not get as many "hit's" as perhaps they deserves. Not unless I was sweating while I was putting up the wreath. Or muttering to myself about "Jack Gold's List". Or crushing on Emma Pillsbury nude-coloured pumps. Or even better, all three.

To explain: it all started when my husband and I found ourselves a bit mystified by how a couple of my posts are always amongst the most popular.

Firstly the "Sweaty Secret Stairs of Santa Monica" which is about the phenom of hundreds of hot, sweaty (albeit surgically-altered) bodies who run up and down a certain flight of stairs off a busy main road. It's an interesting Zeitgeisty piece for sure, but why is it always at the top? I kept imagining planeloads of Eastern European travel journalists happening on the in-famous Stairs and using my piece as a useful guide.

Another curiously popular post is about Emma Pillbury, the clean freak guidance counsellor from Glee! and her adorable outfits. For sure she is cute, but she is not really even one of the main characters in Glee.

And Letterman Lines -  Give Us a Sign! which I had somehow attributed to the fact that David Letterman was so chuffed with my account of his live show, he keeps on sending it out on hyperlinks (whatever those are).

Then yesterday I got a call from Kevin: "I know why some posts are more popular than others." I had a sense of forboding.

When he got home he showed me a "Stats" tool that displays some of the words and phrases people Google that incidentally bring up my blog.  Strangely enough, they did not include "fabulous writer" or "exemplary mother-types".

Included in those many words and phrases were "sweaty" and "nude Emma Pillsbury" and "Jack's Gold List" which is part of the process of getting tickets to the Letterman live show.

I am often heard espousing the simple pleasures of sharing my thoughts for the edification of anyone who is kind enough to read. Who cares how many people read my blog? -  the writing itself is the reward, I will say. Or -  maybe I could get loads of "hits" and go "viral" (whatever that is). So you might notice the presence of "sweaty" persons rather bit more often than before. And random acts of someone called Jack Gold. I'll leave poor Emma out of it.


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