Monday, December 13, 2010

What We Want For Christmas!

Today we start a new column called Fashion for Grown Ups.  Here's to what being over 40 really looks like!

I have persuaded my friend Lisa to join me in this column. Lisa is 40 and I am 48, and we will be posting fabulous finds for the 40-plus set and trying on trends while ensuring we do not look like "Mutton dressed as Lamb" and that clothes are "age appropriate".  (Yes, I know, I hate that phrase too). So wear the trend without offend? Hmmm...

Please don't be frightened: it's not old fogey fashion (Fogue? sorry..). But we will be mindful of the tricky body parts that are not as perky as they once were and are now named after one animal or another: bat flaps, elephant knees and the like..

So here goes -  let's not dwell on the negative. Our first post is all fun and flutter. What Lisa and I  want for Christmas!


1) Silk Ribbons Blouse from EmersonMade.  I have her Tiny Star Tunic and am crazy about it. 

2) A black wool pencil skirt.  If this one is good enough for Emma Pillsbury, it’s good enough from me. From Talbots. Who knew? Best part about Talbots?  Their cuts are forgiving and I needed a smaller size than usual.  That’s marketing for you. I was so happy, I almost asked for one in a Kelly green, too.

3) Chanel inspired Gold Coast Evangeline bag by Kate Spade.  Classic.  Can wear as one strap or two.  Love this. 

4) Stuart Weitzman double platform pumps.

5) Costume cocktail ring from Forever 21. Let's be serious -  rings are just about the only thing we're allowed to buy in there any more.

6) David Lebovitz’s “Ready for Dessert:  My Best Recipes”  I have added his to the list of blogs I follow.  He’s hilarious. 

As for gifts that I bought myself (yes, already)...and gifts that will likely find their way into our family stockings hung by the chimney with care:  flashlights and headlamps, screwdrivers, loads of Post-It notes, Bic ballpoint pens, and Sharpies....all items, that always seem to disappear and never return.


1) Would love all of Lisa's list, which is so pulled together, just as she is, and you can see why I am constantly emailing her for advice about outfits. My list is all over the shop. First, a Nanette Lepore jacket (which Lisa alerted me to months ago) which is bronzed and slightly shiny, so can work with glittery dresses or with jeans. Wish the wonderful La Lepore would make her short, short frocks longer so I could wear them...

2) A bohemian chic necklace made by a friend of mine, Rebecca, of MetalEarth in Oakland. Like the jacket great for shimmy shine nights or just jeans. Maybe it could be combined Christmas and birthday...

3) These booties are $26 from Forever21 and look way more expensive. Okay, rings and shoes from this store.

4) The best jeans ever for perking up the bloppy butt (take it from me) and high enough to avoid the dreaded muffin top, Kasil, in a dark denim, elegant enough to wear out. Really hard to find, but worth it!

5) This is where it gets a little random and al la carte but I am a little obsessed with Icebreaker sports clothing made in New Zealand. I have worn my short-sleeved one cycling in Hawaii and under a jacket ski-ing in Tahoe. They are be as warm or as cool as you like. I've been told how the technology works, but my brain glazed over. They're soft and the zips are not scratchy. And I promise you won't have to strike unusual poses like this model!

6) I buy my "doublenonfatinatallcup" latte from Helen's every morning and Kevin gave up coffee a long time ago. So why would I need this simple coffee maker which uses just filters? For friends and relatives that call in.  And it looks so rustic modern I could leave it out all the time. Love everything in the Kaufman Mercantile, seen via Joslyn's blog.

What would you love for Christmas? Or the holidays? Remember this is a wish list, so sky's the limit! We'd love to hear from you!


  1. Let me know if you need a 45 year old.

  2. Hi Jody, Thanks for your kind words about Kaufmann Mercantile and thanks for including the Chemex Coffeemaker in your list. I hope it finds its way to your kitchen counter! To that end...did you see this giveaway?

    Maybe something you and you readers can make use of...

    Happy Holidays,
    Editor, Kaufmann Mercantile


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