Monday, January 31, 2011

Dude, Where's My Snowboard?

Yes, have any of you seen my snowboard? Not the one below - that's a rental. I lost my snowboard - who knows where and when...But searching for it this weekend at Alpine Meadows in Tahoe was a pivotal moment. My memory has officially; careened down the mountain, dived under 6ft of snow and rocketed into some long-forgotten locker where I'm sure my snowboard also resides...

It wasn't just that I had lost my snowboard, which I've had for eight years. It was that I couldn't recall what it looked like. Or when I last saw it.

The patient woman at Lost and Found asked me: What colour was it?
Me: Think yellow? Could have had some pink in it! Tropical looking...or is that my swimsuit? No that's my swimsuit.
Lost and Found: What brand?
Me: Hard to was it pink?
Lost and Found: Did you have your name on it?
Me: Definitely - Yes! Yes! No! Oh hang on... am I thinking of my skis? You know what, my skis are pink, I don't think my board has any pink in it. Neither have my name on them.

After a little more of this, I lined up to rent a board for the weekend.
Rental dude: So how high was your board?
Me: No idea
Rental dude: What kind of bindings?
Me: Hmmm...
Rental dude: What foot do you have forward - are you regular (left foot) or goofy (right foot)?
Me: Uuuum...

After eight years of snowboarding I couldn't remember what foot I have forward!
We guessed (regular) and then he started to give me what looked like a beginners' board.

"But, I'm not...." I was about to say I'm not a beginner - but what's the point.

What is totally tragic is that I can remember the most obscure, tiny, embarrassingly useless pieces of gossip and fact about celebrities. Angie? At age 14 she dreamed of being a funeral director, shortly after starred in Meat Loaf music vid. Second child Pax didn't understand why you should wear underwear when they first adopted him.  Snooki? (And I have never seen Jersey Shore) Adopted from Chile, named after guy from Save The Last Dance, mean cheerleader at high school who at one stage weighed 80lbs, she and her friends all had that hairstyle but she was the only one who kept it...oh please, please stop my Dr Jekyll memory!

Have you had one of those - what did my snowboard look like - moments lately?


  1. Hi Jody, Laure here. Your blog is a hoot! Plus, we're practically neighbors. I come from New Caledonia and used to visit my cousins in Auckland and Christchurch when I was a kid. I'll make sure to drop by on your blog regularly. Do let us know if you decide to go at the next Headlands Institute event.

  2. i want to learn snowboard too
    i only know how to ski
    gosh i so miss snow
    here it doesn't snow like.. maybe in about once a year or once in two - three years lol
    so iwe have to drive for some hours to get to nearest resort

  3. Hi Jody,
    Thanks for stopping by MGH today. I do love green I've got it inside and out too. I have what did my snowboard look like moments all the time. Cute blog-great to meet you!

  4. Sorry you lost your board. I love snowboarding and your blog. I'm a new follower.

    Come follow me:)

  5. Dear Jody,

    Nice to "meet" you! Thanks for the visit :) I got the biggest kick out of this story. Totally LOL :D That must mean I can relate! I love the way you write.


  6. I just read your post... and had to keep reading. I love your refreshing humor and sense of reality. :D

  7. YIPPEE!!! I can comment now! I absolutely love this story about your funny ;)


  8. I'm a skier myself, learned at Dodge Ridge.

    I love Alpine Meadows.

    Welcome to British Mummy Bloggers!


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