Friday, June 17, 2016

Faraway And Over The Hill

Back home in Ohope Beach for Dad's 80th. Its wintertime here. Bit of a shivery smile here.

Every morning at 7.30 Dad walks over the hill to Otarawairere Bay. Here's the routine, unchanged for decades. First on the agenda: Cuppa tea and wait for sun to come. It's the Eastern most point of the world so first to see the light, wouldyabelieve. Here it comes...

Nearly here...

And it's here! A scorcha! I was actually seeing red stripes all day after taking these snaps. 

Now we're off. My neice Devan came too.

Climb climb, huff puff. Knee creak, oh heck.

Me , Devan and Dad at the top o hill.

Now down to Otarawai Bay...

Oh no! they're doing work on the path, so we cant go any further. Crikey! Bit of drama! Change in plan! Turn around.

And climb down back home...

Poppi's standing guard.

Past the surboads and succulents..

Past the wee boy in the garden

Take shoes off and back inside so Devan and I can reclaim the couches.

And look out at the view.

So yeah, All g for go here. What's your morning been like?


  1. That part of the world looks like heaven. Happy Birthday to your dad. Xx

  2. your NZ pics always remind me of how much I would like to visit,I've a friend who was once a singer in Frankie goes to Hollywood lives on an island of the NZ coast who I need to look up...wonder if he would mind?

  3. Someone else just sid it but it looks like heaven.

  4. What a way to start the day - simply beautiful.

  5. What a stunning part of the country your gorgeous parents live in! And I say this as I look out over the greyest, wettest suburbia in Auckland… Enjoy your time back in NZ (wish you were closer, I'd love to meet for coffee. But not in a stalkerish way!).

    Loved your book recs and the very fact you're channelling my all-time fave, The Mary!, is enough to make me get collared up! xx

  6. Enjoy your time with your family. Your dads morning routine is inspirational ! Just brilliant x

  7. Those skies are so

    Happy birthday to your dad :)

  8. I can't think of anything I'd rather do of a morning. Your Dad is blessed.

  9. Looks fabulous...a belated happy birthday to your dad.

  10. Gosh, what a lovely walk, and a fab way to start the day... from time to time at least. Don't think I could do that every day, not least for the early start aspect! :)

  11. Enjoy your time with your family. Your dads morning routine is inspirational ! Just brilliant x


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