Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mary Tyler Moore Style....And Some Cracking Good Summer Reads

Who can turn on the world on with her smile, doobedo..Who can take a nothing date and suddenly make it seem worth while? How many times have we been rescued by the fabulous Mary Tyler Moore. (When my friends and I turned 29 we kept on telling each other, "MTM didn't make it until she was 30!)

Hum along to the song...

And now she's done it again. The Queen Of Collars has saved my wardrobe. I was about to donate a jacket and three perfectly sweaters that I hadn't worn in ages (more than a year for two of the sweaters and about ten years for one of the sweaters and the jacket) when Oprah told me (well, in her magazine) about how she always does the Mary Tyler Moore thing of putting shirt under it. Not rocket science, not trendy, but it works. Also draws the eye from Ye Olde Collapsing Necke.

She was the veritable Queen of Collars

So...Put A Shirt Under It! Here's me getting loads more wear out of sweaters. This yellow one I had not worn in ten(!) years.

Index finger accessorized with bandaid. I got Son One to sharpen all the knives in the house.

With the usual suspects watching Warriors (basketball team, who are conveniently costumed in the same colors as us and door.)

And here's a jacket I haven't worn in ten years either...now my interviewing uniform, though probably better with a lighter pair of jeans.

And finally some corkers of a read. (No War and Peace here) Prep came out a while ago, about an angsty teen at a prep school. Curtis' new one is called Eligible, a re-telling of Pride and Prejudice, with a naughtier Darcy and Lizzy. (Oh, er, Missus) The Nest is a fantastic first novel from a 52 year old (Yay!) about four middle aged siblings in New York who were relying on a trust fund and are now %$@* out of luck. About a quarter of the way through I found them almost too unlikeable, but (spoiler alert) they edge towards redemption.

This is the most unlikely charming book. Ove is intent on committing suicide; but is foiled every time. A total grumpy bum, he keeps you reading and smiling like nobody's business.

A young woman without a job goes to work for a man who is quadraplegic...and falls in love. A real tearjerka. So nice to see a writer casting wider for a compelling love interest.

This afternoon I've flying out to New Zealand for Dad's 80th. He's still hale and hearty, walking over to the next bay every morning, cycling with the youngies and giving it heaps. Here is as a young lad.

See you on the other side. Until then, keep giving it heaps like the Art.


  1. Happy Birthday Arthur!
    I see where you get your beans, look at that smile. Love your MTM look. Also thanks for the book recs. I've read Ove, loved it, and I'm currently halfway through The Nest, it's so entertaining. But I haven't read the others so thanks I'll get those on my kindle asap.
    Have a wonderful trip! XOX

  2. Have always liked wearing a shirt under my sweater, didn't realize that it was because of watching so many episodes of MTM. I'm on my library list for The Nest, haven't read the other 2. Me Before You made me cry, which is most unusual, and have the follow-up on my Kindle, but haven't read it yet.
    Enjoy your stay in New Zealand.


  4. Happy 80th to Arthur and don't be stingy with the NZ pics.
    The JBK figure continues to dazzle.

  5. I'm reading The Nest and loving it. Loved prep so the new one is on my dance card. Have a wonderful time in NZ. Have some pineapple lumps and minties for me! xo

  6. Safe travels and happy birthday to dad.

  7. Enjoy your trip..Happy Birthday Art!

  8. Loved Eligible, found The Nest irritating. I think that one of the great fictions in the American experience is that where there's a death, there's an inheritance. My experience, not in my own family because my sister and I knew there was nothing left, but in others, is that more often where there's a death, there is suspicion followed by a family fight.

  9. I've always been a fan of the collar and sweater look. I even found myself wearing a pair of Al's cuff links the other day.

  10. Loved A Man Called Ove - a great read for curmudgeons everywhere.
    About to raid my wardrobe and do the shirt thing! Thanks for the tip.


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