Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

We've solved all our technical hitches and we're back keener than ever!  Thanks for your patience.

Tamuna from A Journey To Style kindly nominated me for the Stylish Bloggers' Award. Thank you Tamuna! My assignment is to share seven things you may not know about me.

1. I am the opposite of A-type. I take a nap here every day at around 1pm.

2. I never wear black. (this idea is shamelessly borrowed from Kayce)

3. I kind of said I had been a chef on a private yacht in order to get a job as a chalet girl in Champery, Switzerland. Which might not have been quite all. (me at right)

4. I started my hairdo adventures early - see my fringe (bangs) at left.


5. My first date with Kevin in London was a Highgate Cemetery tour followed by fillet of McDonald's.

6.  When Harley was three months, we accompanied Kevin on a business trip to a Swiss castle-hotel. Harley got a little tummy thing and massively pooped yellow all over the pristine white carpet. I spent ages cleaning it up, only making it worse. I might have said it was yogurt stains...

7. At age 17, I was an AFS exchange student in New Canaan, Connecticut. I sprayed my hair with "Sun In" all summer. It actually turned red instead of platinum blond so my lovely host "sister" Jeannie and I actually did look like sisters. Homecoming picture.

I would love to pass the award along to:

Katie at k.t. blue
Sarah at BobbyRobin
JoAnn at IdRatherBeShopping
Vivienne of Vivienneart
Rebecca of The Daily Muse
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  1. Well I am so glad I can comment again on your lovely blog...and so flattered that you are passing this award on to me! Thanks, Jody!!


  2. Hahah - I laughed out loud at several of these!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog - hope to see you back often!!


  3. Thanks for sharing these facts with us, you're such an interesting person!


    Tamuna :)

  4. Hi Jody! I'm glad I popped over just in time to read about you! Loving your pictures and stories, especially your stint as a chalet girl! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Hope you're having a lovely week!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. hi jody! congratulations on this award! and i also want to say thank you for visiting my blog! :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. Thank you for passing on this award to me and it's fun to see your seven things! I can't say I never wear black. I have a lot of black shoes, belts, and bags. But a little black dress? Nope.


  7. Hi there! ... a belated note to say thanks for stopping by, and I'm glad you found me! I also live in CA, (southern but we go up north often- to visit family). Happy to have met you and discovered your blog!

    Love this post... especially Sun-In part. :)

  8. hi! regarding maxis: browsing your seem tall and slender, so you should have no problem wearing them! i've found that maxis with a empire waist or fitted bodice with a slight a-line look best. you can also create a waist by cinching with a skinny belt. i ALWAYS wear heels - higher the better, and make sure the dress hits just above the ground. too short and it will look funny. you can also look for a v-neck which elongates the look. you don't necessarily need a pattern, but if you do, choose small prints...and when in doubt, black always looks good! here's one i wore with a v-neck:

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  10. jody... i'm so flattered you passed this award along to me. it gave me a HUGE smile when i checked my email.

    and OMG i forgot all about SUN IN!!! crazy that you said that. that must have been so horrible for my hair back in the day. geez.

  11. I absolutely LOVED learning more about you!

    Sun In was terrible! Lordy lou... haven't thought about it in ages.

  12. I agree, you are one stylish blogger!

    Haha, baby poop. As long as it's not your carpet eh!

  13. thank you so much for your support
    and congrats :)


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