Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Knutty Knitters, Crafty Critters

When we lived in London, the weekend days were spent wheeling the kids around the Tate Modern, the evenings at Sadler's Wells Ballet. (Okay we did that once) Don't feel sorry for us high-brow bods though, we continue to be constantly totally steeped in the arts. Plus crafts.

Harley, Cy, Jackson and The Bench
Cy, 7,  finished his bench at Carpentry Camp. Okay it's not Damien Hirst's cow in formaldehyde, nor is it Tracy Emin's unmade bed. It's better. It speaks to me of human suffering (well a few bangs on Cy's fingers anyway). I made a bench, Mum, Cy said. And he really did. A three person bench. With arms.

Meanwhile at my parent's house in Ohope Beach, NZ,  Tallulah and her cousin Leah, both 10, were the crafty girls, knitting up a storm.

Knutty Knitters

Mum, Dad and the girls
This verbatim email message from Mum: "Talulah learned to knit this morning Tho sh e did say sh e had learned at age 5 she did one row of 10 stitches and said THATS IT I CAN DO IT Im going to knit My mother a poncho Tonight after another go and 3 more rows she says PERHAPS A S CARF Good day They love the pool its well supervised and lots of fun We are lucky with the weather much warmer today love M."

Are all our mothers' poetic emails worthy of staging at the Tate in a clear vitrine case? Collectors...I think so.

Next my sister Pietra gave cameras to both Tallulah and Leah and below are the results... They're natural documenistas, Pietra said.  How do children frame things so instinctively?

Aunty Pietra

Whale Island
Man with his dog

Rubbish bin
Meanwhile in Oakland, Sadler's Wells it wasn't, but there was a certain standard of dance at our friend Martin's birthday held by Mike'n'Kenny's.  Aided by a couple of these Mike-invented martinis - tomato water, vodka and shredded basil and a stick of tomato and mozzarella -  I challenged the other three blokes to a Wii dance- off.

I'm just so blimin' artsy I couldn't help adding in CatDaddy and bits of the Dougie here and there. Just keep it simple the others said, you're adding stuff in.  I lost to everyone including this bloke here, 7,200 to 4,000.  Blame it on the shredded basil.

You don't know whether to laugh or cry do you? What art encounters were in your weekend?


  1. reading your posts is always a blast! :)
    unfortunately, i didn't have those kinds of encounters over the weekend, haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  2. You guys are such a super family!! Love the things you do together and I always enjoy your stories!

    Have a lovely Tuesday!


  3. Fun time was had by all. Even if it wasn't Sadler's Wells. The fact is that you probably had more fun doing it that just watching it.

  4. Haha! Your Wii dance-off was phenom; and I love the fact that Tallulah knits. I've always wished that I knew how! :)

  5. A 3 person bench, aged 7? Now that is impressive!

  6. you know how to enjoy in summer!!! :D very cool post



  7. Okay, that last photo of you guys is hilarious! It is amazing some of the photos that children take - they way they look at life.

  8. I am still laughing over Cy's human suffering. True art at it's highest. And I love that you did that dance thing--you are the bravest woman I know!!

    xo Mary Jo

  9. the last two pictures are gold! good times.

  10. Love the pictures of you guys dancing. Makes me want to try it. Without a camera nearby in my case:).

  11. I love it!

    What an artsy family :) I don't know what is more impressive the bench or the dance moves!

  12. Don't you just love hanging out with the whole family?! It's the best ting in the world.


  13. the kids are DEFINITELY natural photographers. how do we lose this talent as adults?

  14. The dancing cracks me up! How much fun!!!!

    And the bench--- quite impressive... I find it quite sculptural and absolutely belongs in the Tate!

  15. I love reading your posts. You guys seem like such a fun loving family. When people come over for drinks I make sure they get a few in them and then bring out the Wii karaoke. :) Maybe we need the dance party, too.


  16. That is great that your daughter can knit. My grandmother taught me how to knit and although I don't knit very often, it is perhaps the greatest gift/skill I ever received. I only have to look at a ball of wool, a knitting needle, or row counter and I'm immediately transported, in my mind, back to my grandmother's living room. Tallulah will know exactly what I mean, 20 or 30 years from now.

  17. They are so cute and obviously super talented! Nice work! Looks like a fun weekend indeed. xo style, she wrote

  18. What a great post! You should have won the Wii danceoff! :) And I love the images from NZ. Whale Island looks gorgeous.

  19. Perhaps a scarf... LOVE it :).

    And I love seeing pics from the eyes of children.

    But even more- I loooooooove that you partook in a wii dance off :).


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