Sunday, September 7, 2014

Camino- The Treasures of Leon

Day 20 walking the Camino. We went back to the well when we hit Leon; we checked into the Parador. Its an old 12th Century monastery - can you believe rooms here start from 39 euros? Kevin was devastated because I was three years off getting the 30 percent discount for 55 year olds. 

Me Viewing the carcophogus.

I'll wager they havent had punters as smelly and dusty as us in a while. Heres me and mi hermana arriving. 

Photos going on as we came in..Looks like he's praying but he's actually tying her shoe.

Look at our room- it was actually four rooms ..this was just one of them..

Here was our view of the Edward Scissormanos gardens:

My sister Pietra got a canopy bed if you please. Behold!

We took turns swanning down the stairs, seemed wrong not to. Pietra first. Oops she's veered off to the bar. They serve veritable goblets of gin and tonic here. Of course the Spaniards sip slowly in a very civilized manner... Not saying we didnt, but we might have had two. The quinine in the tonic wards off scurvy you understand. 

Now me in my pyjamas-transitional evening wear. Also wearing socks by themselves as my bilbao baggins shoes were left behind somewhere weeks ago. Works in a mediaeval way, dont you think?

This is one of 200 historic building converted into hotels and run by the government. The monks and the Knights Templar used to shelter pilgrims here. Did you know back in that time monks could have families? The only reason vows of celibacy were imposed by the Pope was because he didn't want the offspring to inherit the wealth of the church. 

During the Franco era dissidents and artists were interned here.

Pietra and Kevin. Hake and lamb for dinner

Kevin needs to Rest Ice etc. his shinsplints so he will hole up here for a few days. Pietra and I will carry on. 

Sounds nice but actually the old hubstar is devastated; getting up and walking everyday has become addictive. 

Kevin reckons the physio likened him to a thoroughbred racehorse.... Well, there was some mention of a horse anyway.

In home news, Cy, 10, says he's running for class president. Yay! Harley, 16, emailed to say he has been appointed President..of the school BBQ club. Every month he will helm a massive cook-up of assorted meats and sell them to students for lunch - proceeds go to charity. 

Truthfully, learning how to properly BBQ may be the best thing he learns at high schooll. Do you agree or have I gone trail crazy? 


  1. I'm disappointed you didn't show them your wild 'caught in the rain' hairdo and insist you were 56!
    What's happened to Kevin? I think I have missed a post. Will go and find out.

  2. Agree! I do think this is just the beginning for Cy, class president now, President of the United States of America in 40 years or so.
    Poor Kevin that is the pits! SO painful too. I think I missed a post, I didn't know your sister had joined you? You must be near the end now? Keep on walking Jody you're doing awesome.xox

  3. Ha! You shall forever be able to hold this over Kevin's head, bless his heart. You did the WHOLE thing, him...not so much.

  4. Isn't that a gorgeous Parador!!! My closest Camino friend left from there due to injury so I hope Kevin can press on! "getting up and walking everyday has become addictive" I completely understand this. Don't know which way you're headed but one of my favorite albergues is at the next stop (great paella) in Villa de Manzilla or something like that.

  5. Good work on the Presidential children. BBQing is indeed a Life Skill and worth while pursuing at a high level. Hope Kevin's shins heal soon, that does not sound like fun.
    Cannot believe how posh that place was for 39Euro a night??! Those monks sure lived in style. Guess the church had to attract them somehow. The gardens are beautiful! Keep walking! xx

  6. I think paradors are fabulous and think other countries should adopt the concept I stayed in one in Toledo and la ronda and couldn't believe the bill I am glad you are getting some respite!

  7. Oh dear poor Kevin, but what a magnificent place to have to stay in. Gin for medicinal purposes - I'll remember that!

  8. Considering that Kevin could be holed up in a youth hostel with a dorm for a room, I think he's done pretty well. It sucks to be injured, but if you've gotta be, better to be it in a snazzy place with goblet-sized G&Ts. :)

    Hope he gets better soon, anyway. :)

  9. I have read about these Paradors and would like to stay in one some time. Yours loks amazing and that's so inexpensive too. Goblets of gin and tonic too!

  10. For lamb I'd walk. Never stayed at a Parador, lucky you.

  11. I had forgotten the beauty of some of the Paradors. Thanks for the memory.

  12. Amazing photos! I love that shot of Edward Scissormanos Gardens

  13. What an amazing place to stay! Sad to leave Kevin behind, but sweet to have your sister to hike with. Glad the kids are doing OK on their own.

  14. Wow, if you had gotten the discount the room would have almost been free.


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