Friday, September 5, 2014

Camino - Reliegios, Shinsplints and Sister Blisters

Hi! Still here. A lot of pellegrinos (pilgrims) bus or taxi the 3-4 days through the Meseta and now I can see why. As one woman said: " its purgatory!" There were the 17km stretches without water or shade and the villages so shabby they look abandoned. But there were many magical moments too. 

1. We happened on a new, clean municipal albergue where we had the choice of 22 beds. See above. Livin' large, baby!

All the school children made this poster for the kitchen. The town seems really poor and I think they are hoping this albergue reverses their fortunes.

2. We found a litttle Hobbiton. Five homes were built into a little hillock as well as a wine bar. 

" The road goes ever on and on. Out from the door where it began. " Love this.
Some of the villagers were tiny and story book-like too. This lovely shopkeeper stocked one of everything you would need in life, including..,suntan stockings. Whip them out for a royal visit?

3. We were lucky enough to meet Alexander the Great, aka Lex. He's a dog who has already walked 4,200 km from Holland. His owner lost his wife last year and decided to walk the camino but didn't want to leave Lex behind. He fashioned a covered cart for Lex when he's tired and they sleep in a tent because rooms dont alllow dogs. The owner got his brother over to help with this leg of the journey.

4. And look who we bumped into in Reliegos A town in the middle of nowhere). Pietra - Ye olde sister blister!!' oops... should not say "blister"
Its the Scottish Play of the Camino. 

Pietra stumbling to the finish for the day. She's done the camino twice so we went next door to check if the Elvis Bar still had her " kia kaha" - "stay strong" writing on the rafters. It did! Martin Sheen wrote here too while he was making The Way movie. Friends 
write to say they are watching The Way and matching the places to my pics.

Kevin is really suffering with very painful shinsplints. The physio told him that he needs to take short slow steps. We are hoping he can continue, not sure at this stage. Bummer. 

Sad about Joan Rivers, loved that doco about her, she gave life heaps and she was an uncompromising pioneer and a total dag.

Cant escape the veritable heated debate about Angie's veil - with her kiddie's drawings on it. Cute idea... My two cents Would have looked better on the tablecloth. But hey, they looked happy and amazingly they did not seek my opinion. Buen camino! 


  1. Your hubby should consult with Lex (my kinda mongrel) about those shin splints, he seems OK with 4 legs :)

  2. I think you need to build Kevin a little trailer that you can pull him in when he gets too tired . Just like the dog has.
    Love that Blister is the Scottish Play. Hope yours are holding up ok! loving all the updates so much xx

  3. Hello Jody,

    We are willing you on!

    Bar Elvis looks to be a welcome retreat on this adventure of a lifetime but we do so hope that your husband will manage to find a way to relieve the pain.

    Such a touching story about the dog. We would definitely need to be carted about at this stage.... Keep your spirits up!

  4. Just throw Kevin on your can do it!

  5. Keep it up and I hope the shin splints don't hinder anything but he also does all his stretched and tsjes care!

  6. 1. Luff a blog that says Dag

    2. I know Heidi in real life. She is an Hermes enabler.

    3. Luff these updates

    4. That pot plant is a clivia.

    5. Think of the calories burnt!

  7. I remember the Elvis bar and wrote on the wall too! You are making great progress and hope that Kevin can continue on!

  8. All I can say is enjoying this so much!How much longer???

  9. Hi there, I just thought I would let you know how much I enjoy your posts; would love to visit that Elvis bar, it looks like so much fun! Anyway, keep writing, I'll be back. Cheers, Nancy

  10. Oh no, shin splits! Those can be dreadful. ​Are there any REIKI doctors on the Camino? When I lived in Japan a REIKI doctor waved away my shin splits by moving his hand over my calves 1" above the skin. His special energy pulled out the pain without touching the skin. Seriously. Maybe we should try that for Hank. He's had shin splits for over 6 months and he has pain going up stairs or jumping. Just thought of another anecdote - maybe I shouldn't pursue this for Hank. I saw another REIKI doctor in Montclair (won the visit at a school auction) and she gave me vertigo that lasted about 2 months.

  11. You are one brave tootsie. I'd have given up weeks ago and be licking my wounds somewhere with room service. Well done and aren't you looking ever so skinny! I was so sad about Joan Rivers but she had one heck of a life.

  12. I do hope Kevin makes a quick recovery. I'd love to have my old dog Bandit do this pilgrimage with me. Stay strong!

  13. Bad luck for Kevin but not worth risking further damage. Enjoy the beauty.

  14. I was feeling sorry for the dog and happy your sister was joining you, and then you wrote - "should not say 'blister'. Its the Scottish Play of the Camino." And have been laughing ever since. Yeah for you for being able to get this far!


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