Thursday, March 12, 2015

Alta, Utah

Thought I'd tell you a little about what it's like to do the thee-day women's ski clinic at Alta Lodge in Utah. (don't worry, even if you don't care about ski-ing there's something for everyone in the blog today, from poppin' pants to chimichurra steak.)

Me on first day arriving at Alta Lodge
Me and Sally

Alta is family-owned, ski-only, no snowboarders ( the last hold-out in the US. ) Incredibly low key, very duct tape on the boots - if you want fur-lined valets and corduroy runs, that's Deer Valley over the hill.
There's been little snow in the West this year but Alta's still a good bet at 11,500 ft and 75 inch base ( no I don't know what that means either, but you have realky funky dreams.)
The morning started out with SNOGA at 9.15am ( Im not a morning person so I never made breakfast). Some visuals:

Skiing is a lot like life, from what i've learned from Instructor Jen: 

-everything about skiing is totally counterintuitive.  "Job security" says Instructor Jen. 
- we want to lean back and use the $50 part of our skis. But diving for danger, leaning forward and using the $500 front of our skis is actually the safest, funnest way.
-you want to pick the Barry Manilow moguls but sometimes you have to do the Kiss ones. 
- A further tip from an old ski friend - best way to get forward over the mountain is "push the bush." ( Gosh, the old blog is veering in a coarser direction this month...)

No drinking in Utah, but there's the grandly named  Sitzmark Club ( an attic under the eaves) where you're permitted to have a wee tipple. 

My lovely friend Carson had a birthday. Ill be catching her up in two weeks when I turn 53. If i look like Carson Il'll be thrilled. 

All the gggrlfriends. 

The food here is just too good; a panoramic buffet breakfast, bison, alaskan fish, local lamb, the best chimichurra steak Ive ever had and hand-made choccy decadences and sorbets. 

We played a game called Clutter, where you guess famous people. I hate games but this was a goody.

Ski pants are a bellwether - mine remain perilously tight (Why? Why? Why me) There is the decision whether to say no to burger and sweet spud fries and home-made pie and ice-cream or just soldier on, or spring for a new pair of pants. On one run, my pants button popped, my pants started sliding down and my chewing gum flew into my hair. Yard sale. (Technical term for spill)

That night someone loaned me a belt and all is good. Friends, there is peril everywhere on these mountains, but sometimes the easiest solutions are the best. 

What havecyou been up to? Hope all popping pants are averted in your day and homemade mango sorbet and brownies arrive with nightfall?

Photo by Cam

Oh yeah.


  1. I love the idea of a ski only hill. Enjoy!

  2. Wow looks like you had an awesome time and what beautiful slopes!

  3. The scenery, the friends, the food...everything looks beautiful.

  4. I am loving those sunglasses you're sporting in the first pic!!

  5. It looks and sounds like a fabulous time. Girlfriend get aways are always so fun. I'm picturing the gum in hair scene...very funny😄

  6. Great pics, looks like you were having fun. I skied at Garmisch when we lived in Germany and that cured me of ever wanting to do it again.

  7. YOU DID IT!Sending this over to the SON who was in UTAH too last week!!!!He only ski's wonder if he knows about this spot!!!Looks like a good get away.......NOW what did YOU MISS AT HOME???

  8. Fun! So had you not skied before then? Or was this just a women's brush up your skills thing? No alcohol??!! That's the best part of skiing - the well deserved glass of wine after a day on the slopes… not sure I could go skiing in Utah then. Looks like a fun getaway and love the turquoise jacket! xx

  9. hi, 2 things: Deer Valley is a SKI only (no snowboards) resort. Also, there is A LOT of drinking in Utah, especially Park City. You don't want to drink and ski afterwards, but you can ski all day and have a drink or more in the evenings just about everywhere. Alta is in Little Cottonwood Canyon; very remote for any kind of nightlife. Hope you enjoyed!!!!!


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