Friday, March 6, 2015


Not sure whether we should just ignore the fact I haven't posted for five weeks? What have you been up to? We've had the Emmys and the Oscars -  didn't watch either. I read loads and celebrated Teddy's birthday. Wrote articles but not so many that I didn't I find time to bingewatch Friends (research). "It took them 10 years to make that show and you watched it in two weeks," said Harley, 17. The drought here continues...the air is so dry but makes for amazing sunsets.

View from our bathroom window to San Francisco

I recently wrote about two family homes for the San Francisco Chronicle, with very different philosophies. The first was a Scooby-Doo dark mansion in Piedmont, home to a family of five, where the Dad, Chad, said he embraces color and more color. (read here).

Photos: Liz Hafalia

In San Francisco, an interior designer said he highlights just one color - in this case canary yellow and kept the rest in black, white and greys. (read here)

Photos: Liz Hafalia

After watching Friends, I voted Jennifer Aniston the best of all six actors - she's undervalued as an actress. Courtney Cox was the next best. I really think a comedic actress has the hardest job of all.

Gearing up for Harley's high school graduation, which is a huge deal here in the US. The rellies are coming. You know those Yearbooks the schools here put out? "Most Likely To..." Well, Harley has been nominated by the teachers as: "Most Likely To Be Late for His Graduation." I hope he wins - he deserves to. #SoProud. (What were you voted as?)
Skiing 11 years ago. Harley at right.
Harley far right

The really big news was the old Tedmeister/Lord Teddington turned three years old. His mother was 6lb, his father was 3lbs. Teddy is 8lb; he surpassed all expectations and has a five star attitude at all times.
Three years ago with me wearing Old Gold

Teddy, three years later with his playcare adventure group on one of their hikes

Don't believe anything I write on this blog! Just after I said I was toning down the aqua, what arrived? (Finally after about six months) Our big aqua umbrella.

Our new umbrella on the deck

Incredibly hot here - up to 75% - hibiscus and bird of paradise blooming in winter!

Front garden

Birdman - Best Picture: Emporers New Clothes or what? Over-acted. I think it was an actor's film, like writers who thrill to make lengthy descriptions no one wants to read. Interesting but not Best Picture. Somehow I'd seen it before.

Brush with Fame alert, people! (This is traditionally where I tell you about someone who knew someone who knew...) When I worked for the Gloucestershire Echo (for my sins) I wrote a feature on a local woman who was a costumer on all the big Brit movies. She said Michael Keaton was gorgeous, sweet and had the most beautiful blue eyes. Helena Bonham Carter had bad posture and not such a great attitude in case you're wondering.

Like Heidi, have sworn off purchasing party frocks. My new uniform is an Alice and Oliva shirt.
Alice and Olivia top

The great thing about the old blog is the people who write to you. Just heard from a second cousin in Manchester who saw the post about Grandma. Then Dad called. One of the chaps we met on the Meseta in the Camino, Joseph, had popped in to see my Mum and Dad in Ohope Beach, NZ!  Joseph and his wife were camper van-ing around NZ. Joseph lives in Majorca and is a retired bank manager but works as a volunteer on the Camino. In this municipal albergue his duties were various, including cleaning the toilets (he even did our washing for a small charge) and handing out keys etc. What an elegant man, I remember admiring his crisp shirt.

Joseph, volunteering in Calzada in the Meseta

Also I got an email from Amelia who was doing her school paper on her "Poppy", - Eric -  who we met at the beginning of the Camino. Remember Australian Eric? He was 80 years old and carried a 27lb backpack (mine was 7lb and I was complaining.)  His pack was pretty chocful of medication - he has a heart condition.
Apparently 80 year old Eric made it back! He completed the 500-mile Camino. Congratulations Eric!

I'm going skiing at Alta, Utah tomorrow. In preparation I've been doing strength training twice a week, which is a first for me. My trainer reckons I should be eating 120 grams of protein a day which is a heck of a lot considering a breast of chicken is only 60. I ate this for lunch for a while (with toast and butter chasers). I've haven't yielded that half stone I put on and ski pants perilously tight.

Lunch with the protein loading

Maybe it's the cheater pavlovas I've been making with Pavlova Magic Mix.  Sssh, they'll take my Kiwi passport if they know I've been using the Aussie mix.

Pavlova with passionfruit

I'll see you up in Alta, Utah.

(So really, what was your "Most Likely To..." title in high school?)


  1. I do like that shirt a lot - topiaries and a chateau… very nice! And good work on avoiding the party dress. Too easy to buy them. Laughing about Harley's title. We don't have that at school here (as I'm sure you didn't in NZ?) So I was never voted anything. I did feel that I'd let my classmates down though as at my 20 year school reunion quite a few approached me to find out what I was now doing as they'd thought I'd do something "interesting". It appears I disappointed them with my reply, as I hadn't become an Astronaut/ solved cancer/ won an oscar or anything like that.3 kids plus an average career was dullsville by comparison.
    Well done to Teddy on his third Birthday, as well as achieving his fighting weight. Love the turquoise umbrella, that whole setting looks fabulous, very stylish indeed. Have missed your blog posts - don't go away for so long again! xx

  2. I've missed you! And love this post! So much good stuff, but I really want to send you my snow in the form of rain. Me? Girl most likely to do anything. I was always so tenacious!

  3. Great to see you and you have been busy! I can't believe you watched all of Friends in two weeks. I've only ever viewed a couple of episodes of that show, it was on in the years I didn't have a television. Now I have Netflix and I could watch tv all day.
    AGREE about Birdman 100%. What The. I went to the theatre to watch it after reading amazing reviews and I did not enjoy it, by the end I couldn't wait to get out of there.
    Have fun skiing xox

  4. I was at KAREN's yesterday thinking of YOU!Wondering if I had missed out on your posts!Looks like you have had a break, GOOD GIRL stepping away........enjoy your ski time with the GALS!NO BROKEN BONES Please!
    I have no idea what I would have been tagged for......I was a tall, shy, quiet thing back then!!

  5. Jody I am so envious of your weather! It's been snowing and freezing here in nyc and l I was told that I was almost voted best looking but was too forget about good looking, I would take that too skinny title in a heartbeat, but like like Teddy, I have far exceeded expectations - chocolate and snow go together like peanut butter and jelly. Have fun on your ski trip!
    xo Mary Jo

  6. Have fun skiing we'll be in Utah in June to do Bryce Canyon area, went last year and fell in love with it.
    The only nominated film we'd seen was The Grand Budapest Hotel, we loved it.

  7. It doesn't matter if you haven't posted in a while if we get such a good round-up of what you have been up to. Love the shirt and the brolly. Hope Harley's graduation goes well. We didn't have a most likely to...when I was at school but I remember most people thought I wouldn't settle being away from home. They got that wrong - I loved University and never did return to live back home.

  8. Lovely shirt, I'd wear that.

    Pavlova is my favourite dessert, with homemade meringue that's a bit gooey in the middle.

    How cool that you've had news from the Camino people. That 80yr old guy is amazing!

  9. I think our winter is finished. Fingers crossed. You've been a busy the shirt, graduating guy, and all the aqua. Reminds me I need to do a post. The last two weeks have been hell but today is all sunshine and puppy kisses.

  10. The A & E top is A+. I've never seen an episode of Friends or Seinfeld and have watched about 30 minutes total of SATC just to confirm my suspicions...two weeks of bingeing on Friends would be for my sins...and Bluebeard's!
    I like that Old Gold pic with you rocking a Goldie Hawn in her prime and Lord Teddy are fine wine-ing!
    Thanks for the Eric update. His story was among the many uplifts you shared.
    We'd like to see more of you Jody.

  11. Have fun skiing, Jody. BTW, the new Kazou Ishiguro book, The Buried Giant, is a great read.

  12. I've seen far too many repeats of Friends over the years (my daughter sort of grew up with it) that I can remember episodes just by seeing the first scene! Also the most scathing remark I got from my daughter when 'helping' me declutter my wardrobe was to tell me that a top was 'ugh, bit Rachel 1990s'. So that was me told.
    Love your top and brolly. Have a fabulous time skiing.

    And huge congrats to Teddy and Harley!

  13. I hope you have loads of fun skiing in Utah and happy belated birthday to Teddy! :) He looks adorable!

  14. That is such a sweet little dog.
    H.B.C.Is almost too tiny to have posture but not too tiny for attitude:)
    Her clothes are totally dotty.

  15. Welcome back...was getting worried about you! I love that blouse..very versailles x

  16. LOVE the view from your bathroom and welcome back! I was just happy to see a post from you and ALW pop up on feed. Love that top on you. I've been on the salad and protein train before our trip to Los Cabos next week. I'll blow it all away with margaritas--but that's half the fun! Enjoy Alta!
    xx, Heather

  17. Given that I went to school in England, we didn't even have a Yearbook never mind a "most likely to..". Thank god.

  18. welcome back.....I know want pavlova for breakfast!!

  19. Loved the catch up. I felt exactly the same about birdman: a few good lines and a whole lot of meh. Enjoy the skiing!


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