Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lounge Pant

Are you embracing the Lounge Pant? (everything is singular here in the US; pant, not pants) This is the first in my series of the Pants: the Lounge Pant, the Party Pant and Square Pants. All of which can veer into the Ugly Pants category. The Lounge Pants are not particularly flattering and yet somehow they were calling me. They even make Alessandra Ambrosio (mmm now I feel like some of that goopy fruit salad) ... well bigger is not the word, but not as skeletal. If you want to wear these you have to turn the cheek. Here's my latest foray...

It has a expandable band round the back

Here's some celebs wearing the Lounge Pant.

Alessandra Ambrosio

A real life happening

Ashley Tisdale with the tie dye
Kate Hudson

Singer Nicole Scherzinger
Sierra. I know.

These are the even loosier goosy wide-legged version, which counter-intuitively, are more flattering.

And the ones in-between

These are not to be confused with Party Pants - Amal Clooney (can this woman do no high-end clobber wrong? I don't think so!) looks brilliant in her new ones,  groovy but sleek.

My ones are a Lounge Pants-Ugly Pants hybrid - they look a bit measles-y from far away and you don't want to be seen running in them.  They qualify as veritable Man-Repellers (the old Hubstar gave them the thumbs down) but somehow they are happy making.

Here are my inaugural pair of Lounge Pant which I took to the Camino in Spain. They were ambidextrous as all get-out  - I wore them night and day.  Probably I looked a bit cat-lady-crazy in silk pants-PJs with storks on them, but loved the material and how comfy they were.

Wearing Lounge Pant by day and by night Camino in torrential rain with Pietra (left of me) and two Swedish sisters we met

Full Disclaimer: If you live somewhere steamy-hot or you suffer from what my friend Mike calls "swamp arse" (I know, I know, I'm always doing the technical fashion terms) or you have heated leather seats in your car (Smell You Princess Grace, as my other friend Kenny would say) this may not be the trend for you. Just sayin.'


  1. I love lounge pants although I don't wear the tighter ones as I have no waist and they seem to accentuate that. And yes, isn't it funny how men don't seem to like them Oh well...

  2. I think YOU look DAM good in them!
    I bought SUNSET!!!!GReat FUN ARTICLE!!
    Have done those house tours before they are fun too.I am doing the antique show this weekend so NO CAN DO!

    1. LOVE (am doing Contessa Caps) your new blog face - just stunning - pretty and pink and full of life - like the owner. Well done you!

  3. How slim do you look missy......great look on you....and I had an unfortunate incident in a pair of slim grey silk pants which has kind of stopped me from embracing them again just yet....but hell I'll go back there...I never learn...and I would love to have a drink with Mike and Kenny...I'd be scared of the quick fire wit but would laugh like a drain I suspect..x

  4. I saw soo many lounge pants when I was away this weekend. I must say as I sawa cross section of society wear this - I am going to have to be blunt and say that only thin people can get away with it. It seems loose but actually clings more than lycra!!

  5. The lounge pant seems perfect for California so they suit you very well. Also you look good in anything. Love that you wore those pants on the Camino!
    I either wear jeans or I wear a dress, I guess I just don't do the in-between.

  6. Hello Jody,

    Now our 'pant' vocabulary has been well and truly expanded, as the waistlines seem to do too!

    Only one of us wears 'pants' of any variety and the other one of us does not think that she will start to wear them anytime soon. Certainly, comfort, silkiness, happiness and jollity are great qualities to inspire in the wearer, but we shall probably give the lounge/palazzo/party/square pants a miss. We realise, of course, that this will make us social outcasts but, this is where we are usually to be found!

    Happy Weekend!

  7. You look great. I can't picture me in them, so will wait for the next pants (pant?) post.

    Meanwhile I'm still longing for your house. Now that's something I can imagine me in.

  8. I'll stick with jeans. Lounge Pant just sounds weird

  9. I live where it's hot and steamy and I think you have to be taller than my 5ft. to pull the look off.

  10. They all just look like pyjama pants to me. And yea, what is with Americans dropping the 's' off pants?

  11. They look good on you and you have the proportions to pull it off. Generally, I think they are unflattering and flattening on most, myself included. Its the look that says 'look, I can even wear these and still look great'. And you can!

  12. I'm liking these lounge pants; they are very Cali cool and yes tall and thin works best as it does nearly everywhere in fashion.
    Those look good on Jody.

  13. I have to admit I have no lounge pants right now, but those look cute on you!

  14. Those look fantastic on you! Once I am back to skinny, I will give them a try. RIght now, the poutine I devoured all winter is still having its revenge on my hips!

  15. I haven't ventured yet but they do look comfy. Perhaps later in the summer bearing in mind that I have waved bye bye to fashion.

  16. Jody you are cracking me up!! Sorry I missed this. Yes, they are not for thee of sweaty bottom. So far I haven't indulged mostly because the husband dislikes as yours does. He calls them MC Hammer pants. I like the cropped ones with the sandals you showed. That way I think they aren't nearly as PJ looking. Yours however are pretty and you have the bod for anything!! xo

  17. I think you can get away with this look as you have thin pins. I have to say, as I've not been blessed with long slender legs, nor a small derriere I will be giving all forms of patterned loose fitting pant(s) a miss. Know your strengths and all that.

  18. Now why didn't I read this a few days ago? I had a shopping spree with my husband and I came out of the changing room wearing some lounge pants. Husband turned his nose up - he much preferred the skinny jeans I bought instead. I should have ignored him.

  19. Those new designed lounge pants are beautiful. For the young and tall?

  20. I have the super flowy version (with vertical print) which is more flattering than the tighter versions-I agree. These look great on you-and you have the figure to pull off anything. I love the elastic at the band on some days, for obvious reasons of comfort. Thanks again for joining our Lifestyle LinkUp. Pop over to see your Sunset Mag post featured on my blog this weekend. Loved it! Happy weekend, Jody!


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