Thursday, May 21, 2015

Going Back To The Well

I said no more dresses or skirts. Never end up wearing them: can't be arsed shaving the legs, they're all too short these days, what shoes do you wear with them...and how do you make them casual?  I swore I would not buy anything for upcoming Harley Graduation Season. (I heard there might be some other kids graduating too, what a coincidence...) But I bought something anyway. It's a Nicole Miller - she pretty much makes a variation of this same dress every year.

Already wore this twice so will be quids by the year-end. It has ambidextrous stretching,  is v-neck, (my sister Shazza does not care for v-neck but I like it) below-knee (vital for collapsing leg hinges) and covers the bingo wings. In short: all animal parts checked and happy.

Yonder darts and such

Most importantly, easy to make good for Oakland-wearing with navy leather jacket, clonky shoes and Metal Earth necklace.

crouchy comfy

I went back to the well for this one.  My inaugural Nicole Miller was four years ago, but became too short and flew down to the sister in New Zild.

Four years ago with Martin and David at Kn'M's house overlooking Oakland. Martin and David are now married!

Not that I would compare myself to these stylish women, but here's some notable "Back To the Well-ers."

Old Anna:

She loves her frayed boucles with jacket worn on shoulders and delicate shoes. (Seen on GSL's blog)

When she deviated (at the Met Ball) she looked a little hunched and uncomfortable
Old Betty:

Stuck to her scarf-pearls-brooch even when she went back to college (seen on FF's blog)

The Tomboy trou of Katherine Hepburn. For more Tomboys see Kim's blog today.

And tennis sensation Alethea Gibson

Nobody could do a white shirt, black tie and moto jacket like Patti Smith.

By the way, I couldn't resist this - Patti at high school!

Totes adorbs Zooey Deschanel of New Girl in her below-the-brows bangs (fringe) and short print frocks.

Do you go Back To The Well or are you a Switcher Upper?


  1. Well the kiddos are home for the summer so I have to start wearing these damn things called "pants" again...they ruin everything! Certain styles/designers just fit my body better so I do look to them first. Your dress is lovely. I can only wear v necks or I look like one big boob.

  2. I never wear skirts either. I prefer the line of a dress, or the comfort of jeans/trousers. My knees have not yet gone scary so can still wear just above the knee dresses. :)

    I actually bought some leggings recently. First time ever. I think they are on their way out fashion-wise now which is how I always manage it. :)

  3. LOVE the dress! And the FAB figure that shows the NM to its best advantage...a dress Anna would wear only with a bit less va-va-voom.
    Jody, you rock the summer frocks.

  4. I pretty much stick with what I know... and the weather and rural location dictates wellies or flip flops, but always jeans.

  5. It seems I always end up with a pencil skirt, so I guess I keep going back to the well. If it is on a weekend that i need to wear it, I make it look casual by wearing it with flat sandals and a denim jacket.

    Love your dress worn with the leather jacket! You look great in it. I hardly believe you have bingo arms!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!One down two to GO!YOU look VERY SMART!
    IT's a BIG DEAL that day........make certain you have a tissue ready!
    PS>Change me up on the side bar......get rid if HEN HOUSE. Now THE VINTAGE CONTESSA!THANK YOU and look forward to seeing YOU soon!

    1. Will get the old Hubstar to action that - now i think of it, Im thinking there may be some other blogs who have changed too

  7. I often wear skirts in the summer if it's too hot and humid but rarely dresses. I have had two graduations in the last two years and wore the same dress for both. I figured since it hadn't seen the light of day since the first one I couldn't really justify buying another dress to hardly ever wear. I wonder what that makes me.

  8. you look great in a dress!! Thanks for the shout out!


  9. I love to wear a dress which is why summer is my favourite season, just to see my frocks lined up in my closet makes me feel like myself. It's more difficult in winter due to the 800 layers of tights and sweaters I have to wear, never mind trying to wear a parka over a dress...
    This dress is gorgeous on you! Perfect shape and colour and yay for the length, that's hard to find isn't it! xo

  10. I do both! You've got fabulous gams and the dress looks gorgeous on you!!

  11. Jody you are very sweet! Just seeing this and thanks for mentioning the blog. Absolutely LOVE this dress on you. So pretty and they suit you well. I have to look for Nicole Miller, I don't think I've ever tried one. You look terrific in pants and dresses..How tall are you Jody? I think I'm too short to look great in pants.. Cannot believe Harley is graduating already!! So exciting. xx

    1. 5.7, but everyone things Im shorter because i have bad posture (despite being a long-term pupil of the Mrs Shirley Dibble School of Ballet.)
      you can wear pants - yes! - everyone can wear pants!

  12. Replies
    1. Perfect! Just needs you lovely face on the photo thingy.

  13. Replies
    1. Hi Jennifer, it goes straight through to your blog:

    2. I give's officially true. I HATE GOOGLE+

  14. Lets try this and thanks for being my laboratory:))

  15. I'm back to the well for sure. Tried and true. I've deviated to other styles and it's never served me well. I love that dress on you. It's gorgeous.


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