Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas, Mere Kirihimete, and Happy Holidays

It was all go yesterday. Well not really, there was loads of time for lolling around and swmming too. I actioned a caftan like arrangment for the big eating day, you need something roomy for the pav and be able to do a few arabesques a la Mrs Dibble. 

SsSparkly sandals never go amiss do they? And it helps you whissstle your s'ss.

A beach baublette is always good too. Tallulah is showing mine for the pic as my hands are bit Sasquachy these days.

It was a beautiful two minute walk down to Mum and Dad's from our bach.

Here we are, mum and dads place. Up the scrunchy path.

First thing I see. Everyone in my fam is always playing games, except me, Im not a fan, are you?

Harley, Sharon, Jackson, cousin Finn and Pietra.
Then friends Kerry and Reece arrived. All was right in the world. They are great organisers and jolly good sorts all around.
Kerry with Tallulah and cousin Leah.

There was secret santa. ( we do one gift each under $30 with stealing allowed)  Big hits were nailpolish and cards called Beardo where u guess who is behind the beard.

First we had champers and brekkie, a good old Kiwi fry up.
My brother in law Adam personed the barby, the kumara (sweet potato cakes) were sweet as, as they say here.

More all is right in the world. There was pav, fly trap pie and trifle ( and lamb and turkey)
Mum confessed the pav was store-bought but tasted beautiful.

We had to stand in a long line the day before as there was a panic at Blueberry Corner re strawberrys. The. NZ Herald said there might be A shortage! Quelle Horreurs!

Like good teenagers Tallulah and Leah prefered to spend their days in a darkened room giggling and talking and singing their hearts out. ( and changing their clothes) emerging in the evenings to serenade us. 

And as you can see I got A selfie stick for secret santa, so everyone will be cursing and swearing at me soon.

What did you get up to yesterday? Or is it today for you?  Thanks for being such fantastic bloggy friends and readers. Peace and Goodwill and, of course, pav for breakfast.


  1. It was today, it's 80 Daughter here from Japan,leg of lamb, too much food to describe or digest. Great day.

  2. Merry Christmas! All is well in this household...we survived too much togetherness, too much family. Ate too much, drank too much, but I did forgo the cigars.

  3. This is a GOOD post! family and love....we also had a lovely day..aren't we blessed? and New Zealand is going on my list of places I HAVE to visit..x

  4. I love these dispatches from NZ.

  5. Pavlova for breakfast sounds fabulous!

  6. I had Christmas in NZ also, I whipped up a trifle. We had a shortage of raspberries but after the word went out we ended up with thousands of the buggers LOL


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