Saturday, April 23, 2016

Goodnight Sweet Prince

It's been a rainy and purply kind of weekend, in honor of our Prince.

Epic fashion and music moments on his 1985 Purple Rain tour.  Adored his studded Byronesque style, that was somehow classical yet extravagant. Man alive, could that guy rock a pirate shirt like nobody's business. In so many ways he spoke to the freak-outsider in all of us and made it cool and beautiful.

Other artists have benefitted from his stand against music available for free on YouTube, but now sadly we don't have enough videos of him.

Wheeled out the velvet jacket and frilly shirt (ten years old but still a favorite) last night in his honor.

Other purplenesses around the house this morning...

This is what is sounds like 
When doves cry.

Isn't that one of the most perfect lines ever?

Goodnight sweet Prince, see you again underneath the Purple Rain.


  1. I had just been listening to Red Corvette before I heard the news---so sad, so much more music in him.

  2. I was feeling the purple rain on my roof yesterday. Sweet Prince created a major part of the soundtrack of my life in the 80's and 90's in LA, as he did for so many of us. Spiritual and sexy...He was definitely one of a kind. Love your purple tribute, Jody!

  3. If you have never seen it, look up Dave Chapelle is classic. I do remember watching "I wanna be your lover" video for the first time waaaaay back when...damn was he sexy! You have shamed me for not blogging in awhile..sigh. Twitter feed in two days. Good job Baby!

  4. RIP, Prince! It's hard to see all these great artists leave us! :(

    Great blazer!

  5. He was really an inspiration... ;(

    The Flower Duet

  6. A very rare talent. Couldn't believe he was 57 which sounds old but then realize I'm not far behind. Remember when 'Party like it's 1999' seemed so far off?
    When Doves Cry was the 1st song I listened to when I heard the news.

  7. I love him and he's the first musician I respected BC I didn't fancy him but he freaked out my parents when me and my friends would sing nasty girl! Rip prince

  8. Lovely tribute. So sad to lose another. Its been an awful year. In fact awful few years.

  9. so glad I saw him live in 2012 as there will be no more tours….Sad. xxx

  10. So sad. I saw him years ago in Vegas at The Joint. It was an intimate venue and he was magical. He was one of a kind and will be much missed. Love the jacket: a perfect tribute piece.

  11. A very fitting tribute to another great musician gone too soon.

  12. Wonderful tribute.


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