Monday, July 5, 2010

unkind cuts and cool cutlery

Have you ever bought a dress knowing its cut did not flatter? But you loved wearing it anyway?

This is the case with my new Milly dress, more than two thirds reduced at $120. The waist is not defined, the neckline is a slack slash which shortens the neck and the floppy hemline can make gams look bit chubby. But I'm just so happy wearing it. Pic shows also my Prada shoes $70 from the discount store Jeremys on College in Oakland and Furla bag $40 from the re-sale store, Maribel on Lakeshore, Oakland.

Maybe it's that the print has a bohemian glamour which makes you feel like you're poolside in Palm Springs.  And the looseness is just the ticket for a garden dinner at Gary and Ross's where I know I will eat more than my share of the southern meal, including pulled pork, potato salad and pickled watermelon rinds. My kiwi friend Mary has bought a Persian dip of yoghurt, saffron and aubergine.

We all admire Ross and Gary's silver set (who knew I would end up cooing over cutlery?) It was made by 1960's craftspeople in a firm called Porter Blanchard, now out of business and the pattern is Capri.

The pieces are entirely handmade and we all feel their weight and love to see the hammer marks on the handles and the backs of the spoons.

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