Monday, September 20, 2010

Big hair affair

Now we're full on into the second series of Mad Men, is it okay to break out the hair piece?  I borrowed one from a friend to try a huge up-do for a friend's birthday party.

At the hairdressers, Bing fastened on the long curly swatch and I established pretty quickly that a curly ponytail on me was less "I Dream of Jeannie" and more age-ing Genie ON the bottle. 

Then we tried a very curly bun which was way too girly for someone like me, so perilously close to 50. While the kids were squabbling over a puzzle book, we settled on a smoother bun which was still HUGE but littler than it had been. Bing planted a copper flower in the whole concoction.

Stopping in at Terrace Gifts and Coffee so the kids could see the Halloween displays, I wondered if big bun was Scary rather than Posh Spice? And at the fruit stand outside the Village Market I pondered...did I look a little bananas, rather than Mad Men.

Back home Kevin was entertaining seven friends from London where they were all part of the same baseball team eight years ago. "OOh hiiiii!" they called a little too brightly from the backyard. "Your hair looks very nice! Retro!". They looked for reassurance from Kevin with a "er ...was that what we were supposed to say..."

Once the outfit was on,  it still looked the supersize bun, but hopefully more daring than Mickey Dees. For some reason the bun upset my balance a bit and it proved tricky to put my shoes on.

Kenny'n'Mike picked me up and drove me and big bun to William's 60th birthday at his Victorian in Oakland. "I like your hair" said William ever the gentleman.

William's home is a wonderfully eclectic mix  of antiques, modern oils and Asian sculpture and my mid century bun was feeling quite at home. Champagne, three helpings of paella and carrot cake later there was not a artificial hair out of place.

Kenny remarked: "Next time you should try the Pookie". Gentle readers, I will protect you from that one.

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