Friday, December 3, 2010


Apparently a higher plane can also involve thinner thighs.

My sister Pietra, who visited recently with all her scarves, has finished her three-week walk following the famous Camino pilgrimage, The Way Of St James, across Spain.

It was not only a great experience and spiritually enlightening, natch, but there was also another "light-ness" involved.  She lost 15.4 lbs (7kg).

A tip from moi (rather genius if I do say myself) who has lived in both kg and lb countries: When you lose weight, you want to count the lbs.  When you gain, simply convert to kgs - there's less of them. Perfect!

Pietra writes from the prestigious Binger Doc Lab in Amsterdam where she is attending a workshop with other award-winning documentary makers from around the world and staying with her friend Maria Jose, a film-maker from Mexico:

"I was sad to leave the Camino, but my feet are happy and it was hailing when I took my flight out of Santiago.  And the Pope hadn't waited till I got there.  Went to school this morning with the gloves that Mum has made for everyone. Maria Jose is already wearing hers' this morning; she chose the ones with the crosses on them.

Maria Jose has bought everyone Mexican shopping bags and I have the pink one with butterflies on it.  It's beautiful.

"I'm wearing my tights and a tight black top (fashion advice courtesy of Maria Handas, $29.95 from cottonon!) to School today to show off my svelte self and also because I fear it will not last.  I think I've lost 7 kg again - will dip into a pharmacy today to be as deep as a puddle about my spiritual walk and weigh myself.  

"My face is looking shocking though, which is the yin and yang of life huh, as I reacted to the bedbugs about 6 days ago and am on anti histamine and anti inflammatory cream.  I feel like a leper but will direct  everyone to look at my skinnier arse instead!  Keep thinking of Kate Moss's famous line "nothing tastes as good as skinny" but Maria Jose has croissants heating.... Doing the roots tonight!"

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