Monday, March 7, 2011

My Husband Bests A Leprechaun!

This weekend skiing in Tahoe I was reminded of how brilliant my husband Kevin is.  So brilliant he beat a Leprechaun to the finish line!

Kevin: "I was feeling good about my time...

...until I realised I only just beat a guy in a leprechaun suit and boxers."
To explain: he had entered an Alpine ski race of 21 miles. The kids and I tease him about his "walking" er, cross-country skiing. But apparently it's the most rigorous of all sports. Here he is at the finish. At the beginning - despite nerves, no sleep, flu and worries about not packing enough chocolate - Kevin called to ensure I was up out of bed and the kids were safely in their ski programme. Later his miserable family failed to enquire how he did: 541st place out of  800!  Whoohoo! (133 people failed to turn up so actually out of 677... small technicality...)

I'm not saying he's brilliant as in jolly clever, though, not skiting (showing off) - he is. Brilliant in that he's always there to take the stuff and kids out of the car when we end our three-hour drive to Tahoe so I can go straight to bed. Brilliant in that he always offers to drive back home on Sunday so I can have a refreshing glass of Kim.

You may already know that we are not the most romantic or sentimental people in the universe (see Valentine post) but to be honest, after four kids, it's the small things that make it all shine bright.

Inspired by fellow blogger Rebecca I've been moved to list five small but incredibly important things my husband does that make him the moon around my sun (oops... or is that the other way around? See I've diluted both his math and science gene in our child-producing efforts and he's never complained).

1. For 13 years, from when we had baby Harley in a tiny flat in Notting Hill, London,  he's always taken the kids out to the park on Sat morning to let me sleep in.

2. He always stops for my latte at Helen's even though the kids are screaming in the back of the car (and they always are...).

3. He routinely cashes in all our points to buy Saks gift cards for me, even though he loves clothes as much, or maybe more, than me.

4. When we get home every weekend from skiing, he checks the mouse traps, carries the kids upstairs and takes the garbage out to the road so I can go straight to bed.

5.  He accepts I'm a terrible Luddite - utterly useless at technical stuff - and somehow thinks that makes me more charming. He set up a family calender on Google for all our activities, I tell him there's no way I can do that, and he just nods and smiles...

What small thing does another person do that makes your life shine?

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  1. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! It must be incredible living over there in CA. ( I've always dreamed of doing a cake inspired trip of America... There is some amazing shops and decorators over there!)

    Haha Leprechaun!


  2. LOL at the leprechaun! :P
    Thanks for your comments on my blog, it's always fun to come across another Kiwi! :)

  3. Call me crazy but I think beating a leprechaun is pretty damn amazing. They're crafty little critters what with the rainbow's and the gold pots and all that. I'm totally impressed!

  4. a leprechaun on skis. what a sight! loving your list jody. maybe more bloggers will be inspired as well. i know it made for one happy husband when i made him "casually" check my blog last night.

  5. He sounds awesome! And hey: he DID beat the leprechaun, so that's big points there. ;)

  6. a small world! We both live in Oakland with Kevins who cross-country ski! I tried it last time we were in Tahoe... it was a work out!! Kind of nice, but my heart still belongs to down hill. Wish I could get in as much skiing as your family does!! SO much fun!

  7. you've got a good one..and a plus he can beat leprechaun's at skiing.

  8. Aww, what a sweet post! Your husband sounds like a wonderful man. And his win over the Leprechaun made me laugh out loud!

  9. Sweet post and a nice idea to celebrate the things that make him so brilliant! I am also married to a Kevin. My Kevin is brilliant because he never complains about going to see my family when we could be going to a chalet in the alps. He also never complains when they stay with us for a month at a time. Lovely, patient husband of an expat!

  10. Awww, your 5 things are so cute!! I hope I find a man like that one day, haha

  11. What a wonderful and positive idea to blog about! Lovely :) I love the way you write. I too feel blessed by the husband I've got. Most important thing, is that I know he'll never give up on me! XO, Kelly

  12. wow!! your husband is so sweet, you're so lucky! :) i love that he always puts you and your kids first, such a gentleman!!!


  13. Love this post. Your husband sounds incredible, and extremely loving and committed to his family.

    I've been pretttttty whiny as of late, so this will be nice to take a minute and reflect on the good, rather than the stress!

    ~ He loves to cook, so he always comes home and helps cook dinner/do dishes... whatever I need help with (sometimes it's folding laundry, which isn't as fun, but he does it without ever complaining).

    ~ I'm always way too tired to lock the doors, turn out the lights, etc. before going to bed, so he does all of the nightly duties- letting me go straight to bed.

    ~ He reads all of my blog posts and encourages old work friends (We both worked at Starbucks for many years... He's still there.) to read my blog- and leave a comment!

    ~ Never questions me about what I've spent, or why I've spent it.

    ~ He's wonderful at time management.

    That was fun!

  14. So sweet I love your list and the little things he does for you. My husband rubs my feet even when hes the one who just got off work! :) Our men are wonderful! :) Have a great day Jody.


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