Monday, January 16, 2012

No Snow Day

This weekend we headed up to Tahoe, a three-hour drive from Oakland. There was no snow so we spent the whole time organising the ski house we're renting for this season, grocery shopping and trying on all the ski gear. Instead of skiing, we ate and ate and ate; ice-cream cones at Auburn, ikura at Drunken Money, chicken burgers at Bootleggers' the works at KFC and banana splits at Jax's.

Tallulah and me unloading in the no snow.

Just as we did for the last two years we'll be driving up to Tahoe most weekends. I think of those winter journeys back and forth as sacred time to really get to know my kids, to delve deep into our inner thoughts and really talk about our lives. And after five mins of that, the kids put on their earphones to watch psych, leaving Kevin and me in the front happily singing along to dorky Nineties radio stations.

I did grab the chance to tackle Harley, 14, about not being involved at his new High School. Now football is over, his new sport is coming home and winding us all up.

Harley: "You're wrong, I'm in the French Club."
Me: "Kidding me! But you've never studied French, what on earth do you do there?"
Harley: "Everyone brings in French food, it's always a banquet. They give us France books."
Me: "But I've never seen you take in any food."
Harley: "I bought in a couple of croissants the other day. Got them while I was waiting for the bus."

Bingo! Or rather Bingeaux! I spent the rest of the weekend torturing Harley with my Franglais. You simply cannot pass up that kind of opportunity with your children. Enchante!

I've also had a lot of fun helping my dress designer friend Lesley look for props and locations for her fashion shoot on Wednesday.  She'll be shooting at our house for two days, but needed other backdrops. Walking around the neighbourhood we found two vintage cars... 

One of our neighbour's cars...
...and a Southern-esque home on the corner filled with dusky pinks and chinoiserie, a complete contrast to our house. I'll post about the shoot on Friday. One thing I couldn't help her with though: one of her models shaved her head. Take a look.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of driving every weekend. Hope you get some snow though.

    Sounds like Harley knows what's good for him. Keep it up, Harley!

  2. Think I may need your help with the Franglais in a couple of weeks time as we have a French boy staying with us. Can Harley source the croissants, s'il vous plait?

  3. I think this sounds fantastic--the house in Tahoe (even without the snow), the family weekends, the eating (mmmm!), and the mick taking of French food loving son. Oh, AND the prep for a photo shoot! My alternative career would be as a person who sources locations.

  4. One of the things I miss most about CA is weekend trips! Haven't been to Tahoe in years.

  5. A winter without snow is like a bicycle with square tires. Sorry for the barrenness at Tahoe, but there seem to be a lot of snowless areas this year. Great plan, though, to get better acquainted with your kids.

    And Harley in a French club. C'est très bien! (Well, Newt might not think so, but the rest of us recognize the value of transcending one's own culture.) Bon chance, Harley!

  6. I am amazed at the way the weather has been this year! I hope we get a good summer over here at long last! Enjoy your weekend trips to Tahoe! Hope you do get to ski at some stage!!

  7. Hope you get some snow! It's pretty poor in the Northeast too. Some friends have also rented a condo for the season, I think they'll be really disappointed if it doesn't improve.

  8. Our family also goes skiing every weekend and I love it because it's truly the only way I can get the kids to hang out with us on weekends. My 13-year-old usually ditches us after the first couple of runs to hang out with friends but it's more time than I'd get at home:)

  9. Oh my! We talked about getting snow removal service this winter and ended up not bothering...and we have had one snowfall! Hopefully you will get some snow soon so you can enjoy the slopes!

  10. So jealous that you are only three hours away from Tahoe! Love it there. Of course, I love it everywhere that is a 3 hour drive from Oakland. ; )

    I do hope they get some snow for you! We are heading to CO in March and have our fingers crossed.

    Good luck with the shoot tomorrow! Lesley is very lucky to have such a good friend in you!

  11. I wish I had some sort of tradition like that! Sounds like such a wonderful time....

    And you sound like me with your franglais--- I do the same thing with whatever language strikes my fancy on a particular day (of course this only applies to languages that I have some grasp of...)

  12. Jody, I do not know where you put the food--so envious! And I can't wait to see the photos from the shoot, I read about the bald model, so funny! Hope you are having a good January so far!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  13. Oh my goodness after reading this post I am ready for us to pack our bags and head back to Tahoe.When we lived in the Sacramento area we would go to Tahoe so often. It matters what time of year you go it is always o beautiful but we especially love playing in the snow there. I think I am a little jealous!!

  14. Hahaha, that sounds like my kind of club!!

  15. Jody, you've reminded me of my childhood trips in the mountains with my brother and parents. We always had so much fun. I'm curious about the photo shoot. :) I hope you've had a great start to 2012. xo

  16. Seriously, can I borrow you sometime for a shoot?! Oh my goodness, just read Lesley's blog that you procured classic cars to use! Amazing! & awesome. Can't wait to hear more about it.

  17. Lake Tahoe looks fab! That half-shaven look is sooo ugly - what on earth possessed her?!

  18. Yes... sometimes "bouncing back" our teenagers' ridiculousness with humor is quite fun. Almost (but, not really) makes up for the the "ridiculousness".

    How cool that you were able to help her... I hope it went well yesterday, and I look forward to seeing pictures!


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