Friday, March 13, 2015

Cheerio Alta!

I'm heading out today to Gothics, Canada ( middle of nowhere)  to go Heli-skiing. At this point you might think i'm an extreme skier. No. Also i'm afraid of heights and helicopters. Gulp.

I will miss Alta. The food:

The characters who've been here forever. Like Mikey who has been serving afternoon tea for 20 years.

He uses an old gold tea pot. He used to use these high falutin' glass ones but then switched to the gold one because his mother uses one for the after church teas.

Ye olde golde potte
My nemesis: Pumpkin and cranberry bread and coconut and choc macaroons:

Dave who tends the gift, wine and everything else shoppe downstairs, sort of in the dungeon, was a guest who never left. He worked in finance in New York, quit his job ten years ago to come and ski and tend the store. He wears a different nifty cravat everyday. His friends wear them too and they are hard to find, so last time he spotted them in NY he bought 12.

I'm not sure of this young lads story, but he always had good hair. He waits at the entry of the Sitzmark Club and carries your drinks to the dining room. Because of the laws here, you're not allowed to carry drinks from room to room.

I won't miss the hot tub, even though its got a great view. Not much of a one for hot tubs -are you?

Here was the Alta fashion - short skirts in a parka material and sassy leggings.  Very Sitzmark.
Angelique and Cameron present the Alta-style girl. 

Then there's the big straddle bag look

I'll miss seeing the rest of the staff who are always heading out to ski in shenanigany. I saw a guy carrying a pineapple on the lift today.

I'll miss the latte gal on the mountain. She always remembered my latte order. Double non fat if you're shouting. (Kiwi fir treating)

My pants were challenging ( a perfect storm of wedgie and button popping nonsense) . But the old Bognor top has been jolly good to me.

So tata Alta Lodge, off to Canada we trot.


  1. Love the glam ski-bunny pic of you up top...print, frame, and adorn a prominent shelf the moment you get home!

  2. Gulp Jode...a helicopter? and snow? and skis? what on earth?????

  3. Heli skiing!! Wowsers. I'm going to look forward to that post. That is the strangest thing I've ever heard that you have to have someone employed to carry your glass from room to room?!

  4. I'm not a great one for communal hot tubs either. They're a very occasional treat.
    When you say a Bognor top, do you mean you bought it in Bognor Regis? :)

  5. I'd happily live there, enjoy and be careful.

  6. Heli-skiing? You are very, very brave! I do love hot tubs, but my husband gets a bit skeeved by them.

  7. Keep having fun baby! The memories you are making...I'm painting bathroom walls and watching them dry.

  8. Have fun! My ski pants are pre kids so lots of huffing and puffing but I splashed out for some après wear including one of those skirts that hide a multitude of sins. Enjoy the heli skiing. That's bucket list stuff for me for sure!

  9. I haaaate hot tubs. Nothing like getting sweaty in a people/chemical stew. Ugh. It looks like you are having loads of fun! I wonder what the official job title is of the young man that has to carry the drinks from room to room. . .

  10. I too do not like hot tubs, too noisy, not relaxing!


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