Monday, June 22, 2015


It's almost impossible to know what to say about the horrific shooting at a bible reading in Charleston where nine people were killed.

The dignity and faith of the relatives who have expressed their forgiveness has been incredible. That is true courage. Here is the Charleston Post and Courier's moving cover tribute to the victims. Yesterday the Emanuel AME Church re-opened and thousands gathered for the Bridge to Peace event: "We will rise above the hate."

The Emanuel AME Church opened yesterday for services

No more guns. Take down the Confederate flag. 


  1. So very sad Jody....and people never cease to amaze do they? the ignorant wicked with their breathtaking bad deeds and the good decent and kind with their love and forgiveness.

  2. We do outnumber the defiled. Sometimes we forget to be counted though. To see first hand Christians who walk the walk is very humbling.

  3. I too was so moved by the relatives who forgave already. So many good people in this world they can stamp out the hate, but this was just so sad. I agree no more guns- or Confederate flags. The guns though are the real problem with the U.S.

  4. Amazing to see Jody! The good people are going to win>

  5. Nowhere now is safe but the ready availability of guns can't help.


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