Monday, June 22, 2015

Sebastopol, Kansas and back to DubsLand

We're not traveling big this summer, but we did have a mini-break last week. I took only two outfits; getting better at packing. Got my usual Donatella spray tan.

This is actually a workout top from Lululemon.

Going for the monochromatic thing

Wheeled out orange Mui Muis that I bought nigh on 15 years ago in Fenwicks, London. I remember the day so clearly. (and yet why don't I remember what I came into this room for?) What with ye olde bunions, they are car-to-bar shoes these days.

We started our journey in Sebastopol, a village up past the wine country, where Whole Foods is like the new Post Office. Our friend, Scott, was turning 50. He seems to have a surfeit of friends who are talented musicians and though I longed to join in (I played second-row guitar in my high school Showband, though I confess to only pretending to strum in the hard bits) I wasn't sure if they knew that Kiwi Classic, Ten Guitars. We talked awhile to another guest who sources wine for wealthy clients from places like sunken ships.

Photo by Kim Otto

The birthday boy told us how some mystery creature had killed two of their chooks (chickens) the previous night. Recently, one chook was stolen without the wire even being ripped - so could not have been the mountain lion they recently saw on a hike. (Crikey! And they say Oakland is dangerous!)

The next day I met up with my writing class at our tutor's family home, also in Sebastopol. A lovely farmlet and their kids played imaginary games in the orchards. I got a bit of writing done but mostly ate all the snacks everyone had bought.

I wish I'd done more writing and less nibbling

We flew to Kansas for Aunt Mary's Celebration of Life (more on that tomorrow).  Kansas is very green and flat with sparkling new strip malls in every direction. Driving in from the airport I kept asking: when are we getting there?  There was no centre to it. Everyone is so friendly and says hi and smiles as they walk past you in the street, which is refreshing and also disconcerting as no one does that in California. I obeyed my hairdresser who always says: get a blow dry as soon as you land, you'll feel much better. It was only $25 - and they played country music and the guy hairdresser said: "Yes Maam."

We saw loads of family photos. Grandmother Elizabeth worked as a social worker in the 1920's. She died shortly after her third child, Mary, was born.

Finally, back home to see Oakland team,  Golden State Warriors, win the NBA Finals, which if you don't live here is like, well, England winning the World Cup plus another big thing as well.  I'm not much of a sports watcher, but I took Cy down to Lake Merritt to celebrate the win with one million (not an exaggeration!) other fans. A great atmosphere and very peaceable and deservedly good publicity for Oakland. What has been really endearing and inspiring about the Warriors is they are a real team: they even eat dinner together when they travel. One of the funniest moments was when Steph Curry's daughter, Riley, dominated the press conference, simply by unselfconsciously being a kid.

DubsNation: Lake Merritt filled with the estimated one million fans gathered to watch the Warriors parade.

Me and Cy

Pets came too
A beautiful day on Lake Merritt and great atmosphere

Star of the series Steph Curry with his wife and the other star of the series, his daughter, Riley. Photo; Mike O'Brien
A great DubsDay


  1. 'Only' $25 for a blow dry?!?! I would have requested w/o the 'Happy Ending'.

  2. What beautiful weather you are having and what fun. I do believe I would only go to Kansas for a tribute, wedding, only chance at survival. Did you like the blow out? Curious.

  3. Great to catch up with your news and love your outfits - particularly your shoes. You bought them in Fenwicks! That department store began in the 1880s in Newcastle, my home town, so I feel very loyal to it.

  4. Love that monochrome look as well and good for you keeping those Miu Miu's that long. I have a yellow Miu Miu purse that old that I occasionally wheel out too. How fun you got to the parade! Must have been fun. Sebastopol is so pretty!! Hope you are having a good summer Jody! xx Kim

  5. What fun. We are having a staycation with mini breaks summer too. I like those every now and then!


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