Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads in our lives. There are all sorts of things about being a Dad...

*Raising kids that will mix faux leopard and plaid like nobody's business.

Tony, me, Dad, Mum and Pietra and Sharon in the front.

Kids who will continue to dress up at the drop of a hat...

Mum, Sharon, Pietra and me at Mum and Dad's Star Trek party

*Being your first dance partner so you can shine like your should..

My brother Tony with his daughter Cecily.

*Having your back when the swans like the look of your chubby little cheeks.

Harley and Kevin in Kensington Park, London, with the "big ducks"

*Taking it on the chin when there is another day of driving to be done...

Kevin and Tallulah skylarkin around
Some days it's about the big gestures; the speech at your graduation, walking you down the aisle. But mostly being a Dad is about being there every day, having your back, standing for hours on the sidelines, watching your plays, driving in circles around your house.  And being that person for ever afterwards. Cheers to all the constant Dads out there. Man are awesome.


  1. Love all these pics and especially the Cecy vid.

  2. So true they are awesome. My own Dad is the rock of our family and my hubs is such a star too, so patient and just calm with it all, but terrific when it comes to those big moments.
    Lovely post and pics Jody, I think your family is so interesting, I can just tell that you have loads of laughs. xo

  3. Your fashion choices are astounding! Happy Day baby.

  4. YOUR daughter is the spitting image of YOU!LOVE that first photo of YOU and the family!

  5. Throwback pics are always so fun to look at. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great photos Jody! I believe I may have the twin of that first one- with the maxi skirts and all. Love it. xo


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