Monday, June 7, 2010

Bit of a 'Doodle "do".

For my American readers,  a 'do" is a bit of a gathering, knees up, party, bun fight. You get the picture. Doodle do is my own silly name for the new Labradoodle playdates.  In LA they are called "Dood Mixers".

"AboutLastWeekend"s new LA correspondent, aka my friend Cameron, emailed me about a gathering of Labradoodles she recently hosted.  Cameron is relatively new to the Pacific Palisades, in the hills tucked between Malibu and Venice Beach. Of course I'm very jealous as she is always spotting celebs, but it's harder than you think to make new friends, even though she is a brilliant person and has two boys in a very friendly school.  

Cameron has actually met people more easily since she got "Blue", her labradoodle.  She gets the chance to chat to other doggie owners on their organised hikes and hosting frequent doggie playdates. But this is the first time she's hosted a multi-playdate. As you can see in the photos with her son Hank(13) seven doodles turned up.

 "Doggie playdates are more easy to organize than an outing with the girls." she says. "We all want our dogs to romp and get tired so they don't chew on the pillows and stuffed animals at home.  So fitting doggie romps into the schedule becomes a priority. "

And she loves spending time with her doodle:   "He doesn't whine or ask me to drive him places or say that he's tired of my tofu and turkey stir fry.  When Blue is tired he lays down, he doesn't have a tantrum.  And when he gets excited and sees other doggies walking by out the window, he simply barks to say hello and then comes to me and puts his head on my lap to show me how happy he is that he just saw a friend. So you see, loving a doodle is so very easy.  And, it's great fun to share that love with other people who love their doodles, too.  Love, that's what makes the world go around."
Cameron says doggie playdates are not just limited to LA, her friend joined a San Fran group of Havanese dog owners.

Cameron's verdict  on her Memorial Day dood mixer? "No biting, no pooping, no barfing, just loads of romping - a complete success!!"

Gosh, I wish my kids' playdates went as well.


  1. Hey, knee-deep in a move to new Seattle home. "Doodle" is what I try to say instead of "f' it". My children say I'm abt 50/50 on this effort. Cheers, can't wait to relax in bay area all next week! Jody, will register as a devoted follower!

  2. Carson, its so great to hear from you up in Seattle. Tried the doodle word today but not nearly as satisfying as "f' it!!


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