Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our house: Powder Room, where one dusts one's schnoz.

I love Americans. There is something incredibly endearing about a nation of people who call an entry hall toilet, the "powder room". I would call it the loo or toilet. Or when I'm being particularly coarse, the bog, leaving you in no doubt about what you're supposed to do in there.

But Powder Room is perfect. Though it it skirts around the issue, you are left in no doubt either. Noone powders their nose and cheeks anymore, so what is left?

In the same vein, another wonderful concept is "cocktail".  As in "Let's. Have. A cocktail!" It totally lets you off the hook. No matter how many of those drinks you sink, you're having a "cocktail".  How elegant.

Another example: "Can I freshen your drink?"  Somehow you're not pushing more booze, encouraging your guest to become boring and slurry. You are offering something necessary and cleansingly freshening. Certainly not my "Bloody hell, you guzzled that down pretty quick!  Here's another you old soak!"

So it's usual here to make something of a jewel box of your powder room, which is by or in the  entryway. My pic above shows our powder room with a lit up "vanity".  OOOh, another good word.  And over the toilet, a Christopher Marley of two real tropical butterflies. I was going to do one of his startlingly bright collections of bug, but thought bugs in a powder room, even expensive ones, would not be elegant.

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