Sunday, July 25, 2010

chaise bandits

We're at our pool club on Sat. All members somehow understand that there are two padded chaise lounges paired with every table. As we claimed one of the last tables, the woman next to us grabbed our two chaises, plus one more from another table. So now she and her husband - two people - had a total of five chaises at a crowded pool.

"Are you actually using those?" I asked. Sweetly. Natch.
"Our friends will be here any minute" she sniffed, "can't you get some others?"

"I'll go and ask the office if they have anymore" I replied.

Once I walked away, my kids heard the women snarl: "Do whatever you want you want, I don't care". I was pretty keen to take on the chaise bandit, but then I would be sitting next to her all afternoon being bitter. It wasn't worth it.

Some people are Darth Vaders, sucking the air and joy out your life. This was one such woman. She and her husband sat there for three long hours with those three empty chaises. Waiting for their "friends".

I once read that the best revenge is living your life well, so I just soaked up the sunshine, reading my mags and eating my papaya. Chaise bandit must have been seething with envy - I had a blue and yellow thing going on that was completely serendipitous. Blue swimsuit, blue chaise, yellow towel and yellow papaya. And of course sunscreen in a yellow and blue tube.

So burn, bandit, burn.

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