Tuesday, September 14, 2010

best fall dress

Is this the perfect fall dress? I would call it an autumn frock. It's a Lesley Evers,  easy and roomy with long warm sleeves in orange and green with bits of lilac.

I just took delivery of it this week - ooh always wanted to say "take delivery". How terribly importante of me! Lesley, who lives round the corner, popped by yesterday with her little dog Dotty. She is a dress designer, tres handy for moi, and she hand delivered me this dress which is a "new piece from her fall line". (see how fashpash technical I can be?) It's called the Riley in Gold Newbury and has a nifty spilt up the sleeves and an exposed zipper in the back.

Anyway I love it and put it straight away - as you do - and mooched (which in Kiwi means wandered) around the house, feeling very sixties Palm Springs by the pool, in a Slim Aarons kind of way.  Fabulously...picking up old socks and shoes from the floor of my kitchen (above).

But I was dying to go out to have a bit of a skite (show off). Bit tricky as it was now evening and I was on a no-cocktails-for-a-week binge (or whatever you call a collection of abstemiousness). So I  wore it instead to the First Grade Back to School Night. Which I thoroughly enjoyed. Say no more. Let face it: this dress is great for anywhere.

I'm wearing it with second hand Juicy Couture shoes from my favourite re-sale store Mirabel in Oakland and 49sqmi purse made in San Francisco.

On my way out the house you can see how much I love the colours of the dress: orange, green and purple are in every room. First in the kitchen, in the hallway and outside in the plants and our plastic white and orange rocker. Through the window you can see our living room with the chartreuse Modernica chair.

Finally down the stairs to my meeting.  The Kangaroo paws at the entry have really taken over now, morphing into veritable trees.

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