Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winter Garden

If I shuffle on this mortal coil again, I think I'll come back as a succulent. (All pictures below of my garden)

Not being facetious. I know I should be picking a world leader in my next incarnation or even a graceful tiger or a loving dog. But the truth is that succulents give so much pleasure - everyone I know is kind of obsessed with them - they are cool, curvy and kooky with bits and bobs growing out of them, including flowers. You may remember me talking about the ones on our front deck, below. They just fit in, happy to be part of the party.

 They're surreal in their colours and personalities.

Plus they are just so hardy. Despite the constant rain, wind and hail - and this weekend it's actually supposed to snow in the Bay Area at sea level, my succulents just keep on keeping on. They don't whine or moan about the weather, they just stay pointed upwards and outwards, hoping for the best.

Plus plus they have such great names like pork and beans. There are even ones in my backyard that look like giant triffid flowers.

Or little triffid flowers...

And they look corker in any pot.

Remember I've said before plants aren't like your children - you are allowed to chose your favourite. Think I'm going to have to revise that...My banana leaves will not be left out.

Aaand, okay you too, Japanese maple in the corner. Phew - there you go!

And of course my kangaroo paws...

Actually, sorry,  this has ended up being a random post on some of the plants in my garden...What's your current favourite plant?


  1. I've always felt that we can often learn most about our humanness through nature... animals, plant-life, weather... This post reminds me of that notion.

  2. I love the first one in your post, but the ones that are naturally shaped like flowers are gorgeous too. They look great all in the pot together.

    I have just recently discovered a range of succulents in my garden. I love that they are there no thanks to me,and will continue to grow happily, also no thanks to me! Too easy! :)

  3. Your garden and modern deck is beautiful! My favorite plant/s right now are ferns because that's what I've got going on inside. But, soon when the weather warms up I'll be outside and anything in bloom will be my favorite.


  4. Those succulents are beautiful! When landscaping our front and back yards, I was determined to plant as much "color" as possible, but as I plant/replant in March, I'd like to add more succulents to my gardens.

    Right now, I love our society garlic plants, which line our walkway... always full, grayish-green, and ready to welcome the purple flowers in the spring.

  5. Love your gardens! I love succelents, especially by the pool sitting on the teak tables. I adore ostrich ferns and have done the gardens in my entire front yard with them. Gardening and landscaping is one of my favorite things to do.

  6. I agree, to be a succulent would be a wonderful life! My mom got obsessed with the chocolate colored ones and passed it on to me (it's a weird trend here in the oc) and so I have a few I've managed not to kill on my front porch.

    p.s. We have the same pair of white panton chairs--I also have them on my patio!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    xo Mary Jo

  7. Oh wow - what a GORGEOUS backyard!! I'm jealous!

  8. I don't know what I would do without them, they're so hardy. Your garden looks gorgeous, love the agave's best, my favourites!

  9. Jody- You already know my faves are the little succulents I just bought! I am so smitten.

    So, I want to come over to your AMAZING garden and take little snips of those AMAZING plants to I can have them, too! (Maybe I'll be snipping when you wouldn't be looking until you saw my pockets bulge) They have to be pretty easy to propagate, no?


  10. wow love this post :) beautiful

  11. WOW this is your home garden?! Amazing! Love your front deck! I have become obsessed with succulents lately, esp in wedding bouquets.

  12. i love succulents as well! i don't have a green thumb, so these work well for me! you have an amazing garden!!

  13. wow, I love your garden! I've been wanting some succulents for indoors too... they're my favorite since I often forget to water plants (yikes!) and they're harder to kill than most plants.

  14. I love succulents! I just found your blog and it is wonderful.

  15. I can't wait for spring! This post makes me excited to start gardening :)

  16. Your succulents are great but so is your photography! Great photos, Jody.


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