Friday, March 11, 2011

And so to bed...

We have a winner for the First Friday Giveaway! Drum roll! The winner,  randomly chosen, of the La Coco Stella and Dot necklace offered by personal stylist Laura Keady,  is - Evelyn B! Congratulations Evelyn - email us your details and La Coco will be on your doorstep toot sweet. (Or as fast as post can go...)

Tonight I'm taking you on a quick scoot around the master bedroom.  Ooh-er Missus, as my pals would say when we lived in England. Aaaanyway, I meant to post on all the bedrooms but then I ran out of time and we're driving up to Tahoe in a minute. You'll notice there are not that many words either. Hmm...C'mon let's trot up the stairs, before you start sipping that well-earned Friday Night cocktail!

Entry and Stairway

Up we go!

View from top of stairs
Here's our bedroom which has only a bed and side tables. The bed covers and walls are light blue.

Faery by Tallulah
The bathroom is one big wet room, with mostly inexpensive large Porcelanosa tile

View from mirrors
View from bath

I suppose I like my bedroom and bathroom kind of minimal.  And why? Next week I'll give you a peek into the kids' bedrooms - a veritable Mt. Vesuvius of effluvia: knitted bracelets, broken ceramics, old Valentine choccy wrappers and bits of random plastic whatsits from goody bags.

Builder: Steve Strand, Lafayette
Architect: Wencke Solfjeld and Russ Dotter, Solfjeld-Dotter, Oakland
Colour Consultant: Kathy Farley of ArtDecor, Berkeley

How do you like your bedroom? Sparse or full of comforting things?


  1. Wow- gorgeous spaces! I love the chest of drawers before coming upstairs! That was so unique and beautiful. I love the chic, modern designs of it all! We don't like too many pieces in our master bedroom either. For me, it's just more to dust! ha ha! :)

  2. Um, can I move in? That bathroom is unreal!

  3. so beautiful
    i love that bathroom and bed

  4. i like your bed! and your bathroom is phenomenal! :D

    my bedroom has a lot of things in it at the moment. needless to say, i have to clean. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  5. Very chic! I have WAY more stuff in my bedroom though

  6. wow - love the simplicity and serene-ness of your master bedroom suite!!! the bath and all those windows -- so tranquil!

    oh side-note: I made your salmon recipe this weekend for my husbands birthday dinner and he loved it!! This is good because I am a vegetarian and normally don't cook anything this delightful for him but it was so easy and I felt like a gourmet chef! stealing this for my "wowing recipes" he he he
    thanks xoxo

  7. I love your home! And you have the tub I've been coveting for my bathroom remodel. I try to be sparse and minimal but it always gets convoluted with my stuff, so I think I'll never be truly modern in aesthetic, although I try! What a peaceful way to wake up--you are my inspiration this week!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. absolutely breathtaking. i love the modern lines and the minimalist style! we are currently remodeling parts of our little home and it is so much fun. we decided on white/beige wall colors and then we will had bright colored excited to share some day soon :) thank you for the tour...can't wait to see more! xoxo

  9. Wooow, this bathroom is... this bathroom is... JUST PERFECT !

  10. wow all so gorgeous but my favorite is definitely the bathroom!

  11. Wow! Such a gorgeous room..
    The place is ready for a magazine!!
    Great blog...


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    check out my blog!!..

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  12. Wow, what a beautiful home! That bathroom is stunning!

  13. Wow... so crisp and clean!! I love homes with lots of light.

    Our walls are pretty bare, but on the dresser, I have some frames, jewelry... not much though. The more clutter, the more I need to clean =).

  14. Your house has to be the most amazing thing I've ever seen! I'm so jealous! Its very beautiful.


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