Monday, May 16, 2011

Tin Man Talent

Friday was the school Talent Show and this year I made all four of my kids enter. My reasoning was they're every bit as untalented as many kids in America and if I had to sit through three hours to watch one, I may as well watch all of them. Kidding aside, this is my favourite school event of the year.  As with anything to do with kids; you laugh, you cry.

Zach and Cy: "Today I don't feel like doing anything"
Cy and Zach prepare to go on..
Cy sang Bruno Mars' Lazy Song with his friend Zach, Tallulah sang Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are" with her friend Elza, dressed as boys. Jackson was one of the MCs and I made Harley pick a poem to recite and didn't realise until we watched him that it was only four lines.

Elza and Tallulah
MC Jackson waits his turn..
Seeing those bright lights and floorboards bought back memories of my finest (well, only) hour performing the Tin Man solo in Mrs Shirley Dibble's Ballet School production of The Wizard of Oz, back in New Zealand.

Me as the Tin Man
At the time I kidded myself that the part was mine because of my impressive grande jetes and blimin good pirouettes. The truth was that our ballet mistress, Mrs Shirley Dibble, had identified my mother as a speedy sewer and my Tim Man solo was reward for Mum running up 20 poppy costumes.

I did a jagged, stiff-legged dance totally appropriate to the character but which was so incredibly lengthy it may have even had two parts. I think the second part was added after Mum sewed the individual 15 Yellow Brick costumes as well.

As I entered the stage from the wings, stiffly of course, I felt euphorically devoid of a heart. I was the Tin Man. "That clinking, clanking, clattering collection of caligenous junk". I swooped, kicked and swung my hatchet, devastatingly affecting. I remember finally killing the young tiger (hmm did that actually happen in the story?) to abandoned uproarious applause.... which I now realise was the audiences' desperate banging of feet, hands and heads to get the blood flowing again.

Have you ever wondered why so many superbly untalented people line up for days to enter American Idol. Where on earth did they get the idea they can sing and dance? Why, Toto, one day in the past, those people did their own Tin Man Dance and they received that same uproarious, albeit relieved, applause.

What's your talent?


  1. I love that you made them enter!!! character and confidence building not to mention great & funny memories. I was a crow in our church play with my little sister and we still laugh out butts off about it!!! a crow??? really!

  2. Very cute!

    Have a nice day!


  3. This is such a super post. I just love the boys in their PJs. That song has become my teenager's anthem at the moment as he spends so much time in bed!
    What a fantastic tin man you were and I'm sure you got the part because of your talent and not your mother's sewing ability.
    My talents? An am-dram singer I'm afraid. Have done lots of musicals: my fave parts were Laurey from Oklahoma, Alex from The Wiches of Eastwick and Katie Brown from Calamity Jane. Happy Memories.

  4. brill you made them all enter. My talent is highly dubious - making people listen to me sing after a few too many glasses of sauvignon blanc

  5. I love that you made them all enter the contest, they will always love you for that! And it's so true, if you have to sit through that night, you might as well have all your clan participating! My poor parents! I think back to the dance recitals where my dad would be sleeping for hours through the acts and I was soooo embarrassed. Now I understand!
    xo Mary Jo

  6. Tin man solo?? Hats off to you. I was waaaaaaaay to shy... never that brave.

    My talent is definitely not in the "entertainment" arena (i.e. singing, dancing, musical instruments, acting, ... you get the picture).

    But I LOVE that you made each of them participate. Gets them out of their comfort zone a little (or a lot)!

  7. Aww fun!! I never did a school talent show...stage fright, ha ha

  8. My True Talent is acknowledging that i have no Talent, at least for the "stage-y" sorts of pursuits, and a real empathy for those who may have had to endure me onstage:-) But maybe that's just what i thought, b/c 5 brothers impressed that upon me. Please don't worry for me, though; i love them all today, and they may have spared me from a life of long lines & awful feedback, a la American Idol.

  9. Hey Jodie :) Thanks so much!
    I use a nikon D300 with an 18-55 mm lens, it is a great camera and really reasonably priced. They just released the next version, the D3100, my friend has it and its even better :)

    x Camilla

  10. I'm sure you were better than you think and all the costume sewing in the world wouldn't have got you there if you were truly terrible. I on the other hand am truly terrible at all things musical!

  11. Ugh, I'm with you on American Idol. I think it's people who have never gotten an honest comment on their lack of talent.

    And that picture of you is so cute! You have a really long neck :)

  12. Everyone loves that Lazy song!! So cute that they wore robes and your daughter and friend dressed as boys! I love your Tin Man outfit and story! :) I didnt enter the talent show but every yr the 8th graders were a big part of the Christmas show! :) Hope you have a great day...good luck on the giveaway! :)

    PS thanks for being my friend on FB!!

  13. How adorable and funny. And 'bravo' for your mom!

    My debut was as a tree (I was in 2nd gr) for the 4th grade play. Lost in a daydream, I was still on stage when the witches had moved on to their indoor scene. So embarrassing! XOL

  14. Jody- Great post. I love watching kids perform. And you made for a lovely tin woman!


  15. Your kids chose great songs to perform! I bet it was a blast watching them. And you looked great as the tin man! It's one of my all time favorite movies! :) Have a great day!

  16. I don't understand why so many people line up for American Idol either, when so many simply can't believe they are as good as they say they are! They must be lying to themselves.


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