Monday, September 5, 2011

Last LOUD Days of Summer

Labour Day here in the US draws a line in the sand. After today you simply cannot be seen in your whites and brights. Who knows why? Anyone...anyone? So before my time ran out, I broke out the loudest, boldest, dayglo-iest frock I could find.

Bloomin' lovely or bloody awful?
found this original Seventies dress while dropping Tallulah off at her doctors' on Friday. "Lounging Wear" it said on the label. I did its' bidding.

Lounging at home
But where to wear it? You may have heard me whining about the rubbish summer we've had here in the Bay Area. It was Mark Twain who said: "The coldest winter I ever spent was the summer in San Francisco." Well, it was like that here in Oakland.  Every area here has its own microclimate. Oakland is just 12 mins across the bridge from San Francisco but is usually 15 degrees warmer. And it gets really, really hot if you drive just a few minutes inland to Lafayette.  So I invited my frock and family to Lafayette friends Peter and Lisa...and we sat outside all night.

Peter and Lisa's backyard in Lafayette

Me and Tallulah

Jake, 2 and Cy, 7
I must admit there was some angry loudness as we pulled out of our driveway earlier in the night. The kids had forgotten to put out the garbage the previous week and I made them pile it into the back of the car so we could drop it at a local store bins (pre-arranged, mind) Turns out some roaming creatures has feasted on our largesse which became obvious as the kids - and poor Kevin -  loaded in the bags. The wee holes leaked stinking, rotting whatever into the car and all over the kids. Making memories.

Despite garbage-gate, the long weekend was going rather well, a little too well, so we decided to spend a couple of hours in traffic driving to a freezing, fogged-over crowded Stinson Beach. During our 15 years living in England, we spent many brisk and bum-freezing hours on the beaches of Devon, Brighton and Studland Bay, near Bournemouth. Tropical compared to temps in Stinson.

On Sunday I was keeping it loud with my moving mermaid necklace , admittedly more Jersey Shore than the hippy succulents and Cowgirl Creamery vibe of Stinson. I arrived wearing my mermaid, ever hopeful, like so:

Watercolour by Tallulah

Arrived like this...
But soon was wearing the picnic blanket, Stinson-Beach style:

Couple of minutes later...Lesley and I 
What lovely loudness in your weekend?

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  1. Well, you certainly had an interesting weekend. Love the lounge-wear. Looks about the colour our leaves are turning. Sorry to hear about the garbage incident.
    We had a bang-up weekend, so to speak. Fireworks. Being set off maybe a couple of hundred yards from our place. Perfect view, but noisy. (See my "Chrome" blog.)

  2. Well that dress is beautiful.....gorgeous.
    As for beaches and me? we don't mix unless I can wear a cardi or blanket and not go in the sea.....

  3. We had torrential rain and a thunderstorm this weekend. It's been a pretty crappy summer here too!

    Apparently in France, after the Rentrée (back to school) ladies are supposed to wear tights/stockings. I think this must have been a rule from Paris because down here it hits nearly 30°C in September easily so anything other than bare legs is unbearable!

    Good thing I'm not a bourgeoise lady, I say and I can ignore what I like when I like. YAY!

  4. I wore a similar dress on Friday night but to be honest, yours beats mine on the loudness scale.

    Don't you look a cutie all wrapped up in a blanket. Awwww x

  5. Love the dress!The day at the beach looks similar to ours.I would want about 20 blankets to keep warm!!

  6. you look beautiful in that second shot and it looks like you had a great weekend. i always love reading your stories.

  7. I love both outfits!! The colorful dress looks amazing on you!! You're adorable in the that day at the beach covered in the picnic blanket!!

    Have a fab day!! xoxo

  8. I love your loud dress so much! And btw, I'm sure you look great in Free People, I have never seen a photo of you looking anything but chic, despite how hard you might argue. Hmm loud...does eating at the same Mexican restaurant 2 nights in a row with out of town guests count?

    xo Mary Jo

  9. That dress is just exquisite on you - the colors are perfection! :)

  10. that dress is amazing!!! have a great week!

  11. You're always so chic! I like the loud dress and it seems a good way to celebrate the "end" of summer. We've had a mostly cool summer which has now turned into record high temperatures. What to wear, what to wear. . . :)


  12. Oh i love it - what a fab find - and i am 'bum freezing' in the house - let alone the beach - fab pics xx

  13. I remember visiting friends in San Francisco a few years ago and it being 90 plus degrees out by her house ten miles away and about 68 degrees in the city itself. WTF??? Crazy little city doing its own thing. :)

    PS I love that dress!

  14. I could tooootally see that 'trash can incident' happening to us.

    I love how you made it a point to savor the last bits of summer... bright colors & all :).

  15. I love that dress! The colors are loud (in a good way, hehe) and the design is perfect for you. Plus, I'm a huge fan of 70s dresses in general. :)

    I hate the no-white-after-Labor-Day rule. I think it's silly.

  16. I just love your style and that you wore bright colors and whites all in one weekend for the end of summer! Your dress is beautiful and fun, Im a fan of brights and florals! Love your beach wear too. The mermaid necklace is adorable and so are your daughters shoes!

    Its been raining here all week but we had a quick chance to put some burgers and hot dogs on the grill. We also watched The Adjustment Bureau...great thinking movie and one to watch with your husband! :)

    Thanks for always stopping by the blog! PS Bethenny is my guilty pleasure too! I cant wait for Parenthood to come back on next week!

  17. I love the loud frock. I think I have the matching pants!

    And, just so you know, I am wearing white jeans today. Yes, the day AFTER labor day. In fact I wear my white jeans all year round! I'm crazy like that.

    I used to have family living in Marin and was always amazed by the need to pack various jackets for the amazingly different climates only minutes away from each other! Love Stinson Beach. Though, being from Texas, I don't really consider it a "beach", just a lovely place to stroll and enjoy the view!

  18. Hahaha sounds like a fabulously loud weekend! I made a lot of noise myself. Had to send summer out with a bang, right? :) Oh and how true is that Mark Twain quote??? xoxo

  19. Beautiful dress! I love your friend's backyard. Looks like a fun place to hang out. You made me laugh out loud with the jersey shore comment! :) And your daughter's watercolor art is beautiful! What a talent!

  20. love the lounge-WEAR!!
    i freeze in 90 degree weather.
    tis true on the beaches of mexico this summer i took my fluffy complimentary robe out to the cabana every day to keep warm as everyone else cooled off in their daily thong....

  21. Thanks for the link to our vintage shop. The dress looks fantastic on you Jody! Enjoy the rest of summer and we hope to see you soon.

  22. I love this dress on you!! A perfect way to "end" summer.... and I love Lafayette!!! Me, my hubs, my sis, my brother-in-law, and father all went to Saint Mary's College. I miss it up there, San Diego is not too bad though :)

  23. Fun First Dress! So much Color I love it!

    Im your new follower!


  24. I don't know what I love more, you looking like a RL model on the beach, the crazy dress or the amazing huge windows in your home!

    Oh that pic at the bottom is how I dress for outdoors here!

  25. You can totally wear white after labor day! Lovely dress, perfect for the end of summer although it is probably hotter in LA than it has been all summer!

  26. you always have fun stories! i never did understand the no-white-after-labor-day rule. we had a great weekend just handing out at home...the loudness? my 3 yr old.

    Blogaversary Giveaway

  27. Jody- Wish I could send you more summer! The rain seems out of the system here on the East Coast and I'm looking forward to the sunshine!

    We spent a dreary overcast Labor Day being with my folks pretending we could eat outside with BLT's and fudgesicles.


  28. Love the dress. Everything about it: the colors, the print, the shape, and the LOUDNESS!! What a great find. Looks FAB on you!

    I think we should vote and make a new law: anyone is free to wear white whenever they desire. No matter what season. This is a free country after all.


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