Friday, November 11, 2011

Do the Snuggie

Are we all agreed that whoever invented the Snuggie was a bloody genius?

How many times while watching the telly have you pulled up a blanket and thought: "Oooh so very comfy and warm...and yet my ankles-arms-knees-feet not covered and so really could be bit more comfy?" You pondered how a wool blanket could be sewn leaving a hole for your head and your arms free for reaching the choccies. But dang it, Snuggie genius got there first.

Madison Avenue
This week I was in New York hanging around with some Kiwi friends who had run the marathon, and I noticed that whole streets were filled with people wearing Snuggies. Some wildly furry, some glamorously woolly, but yes, essentially they were Snuggies.  Many were posh, like the one above which was $1,800.

Then I realised I was wearing a type of Snuggie too from my new favourite, Wilfred.

Kiwi friends James, Helena and me at The Frick
As was my friend Helena - a beautifully chic one from Rex Royale, in Wellington, NZ.

Helena and Mike at The Ace Hotel
All in keeping with the new cosiness: like the tartan couches at the crazy-hip Ace Hotel and the dark pinks and greens of The Greenwich where we also had drinks.

Kiwi friends Helena, Mike, Leigh and Pip at Ace
Ace Hotel, Soho
The Greenwich Hotel, TriBeCa
And there were some, like this frightenly life-like woman in the hanging exhibition at the Guggenheim, could have done with a Snuggie. (Sorry that was a bit random, but had to sneak the exhibition in)

Maurizio Cattelan's "All"
For a few days the weather was unseasonably balmy. It suddenly turned chilly one night and I could almost hear some New Yorkers breathing a sigh of relief - it's Snuggie time!

52nd Street and Lexington
We just did the random draw for this month's Giveaway of a greenstone necklace. The winner is - Sarah of the St Bloggie de Riviere!  Sarah is a Brit who writes about her life near Montpellier in France. Congratulations Sarah -  email your address to me at and let me know which of the eleven styles you prefer.


  1. I really... REALLY want a snuggie. I bought my mom a sort of [tye-dyed] snuggie from Hawaii of all places... that wanted to keep for myself (LOVE soft clothing, and it was such a soft cotton)... and I LOVE yours- although it's not a "full-blown" snuggie :).

  2. A cashmere snuggie is a dream of mine...

    You always hit my NYC hot spots. Love the Ace and the Greenwich Hotel.

    Looks like another wonderful time!

  3. I bought a snuggie for my mum last year and she loves it! Think I will get my own this winter!I'm sure you had a fab time in NYC!:)

  4. I have a cashmere taupe snuggie / wrap. My best splurge ever!

    And that woman's bust in the Guggenheim frightens me!!

  5. Great news about the Giveaway!! Many thanks. I'll send you an email.

    We have Snuggies chez nous - 2 and I've just ordered 3 more as they are so useful and... snug! They are standard ones for the tele though.

  6. I would love a chic snuggie.... I am one of those people who loves to be bundled up.

  7. I have yet to get a snuggie. I should really get one because...well shouldn't everyone have one! They seem so practical.

    I love your "type of snuggie"...very stylish!

  8. For some years I have had a navy/green tartan poncho type,blanket type,wrap type thing that I wear indoors when its daughter and I call it the 'poncho of love' as we love being wrapped up in does that make me incredibly hip and trendy or am I really the old lady that I look like in it??

  9. The woman sticking out of the wall in the Guggenheim looks like Victoria Beckham on a good day. Lord knows she could do with a snuggie!

  10. I agree it looks like you ahd a great time! I have yet to purchase a snuggie.

  11. Snuggie indoors...poncho outdoors? Is that the difference?
    Clueless in Napa!

  12. Genius, I concur! I have yet to invest in either the inside or outside version. We're past outdoor snuggies in Canada and have gone straight to winter coats so I'll have to wait for spring:)

  13. I could use a snuggie right now, I'm freezing and wrapped up in 2 blankets at the moment but my arms are cold! How fun that you were in NYC! And that the weather was good! I envy you Jody! Hope all is well with you and that you're home safe and sound now!

    xo Mary Jo

  14. i have heard alot about this snuggie thing but have never seen one in real life. are they really that comfy?

  15. Ohh NYC the City that never seems to stop given birth to great styles and inspirations. Hope You had fun

  16. I need to get a snuggie. Actually, I'll get the husband to get me one, since he never knows what to get me for Christmas.

  17. I was going to get a snuggie for my wife but then discovered the Onesie which are amazing! I still love the snuggie but the Onesie is definitely cool.


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