Friday, November 18, 2011

Ukulele Baby!

Aloha from Lana'i in Hawai'i, the land of apostrophes, sun, sand and legitimately drinking fruit juice with booze at 10am if I needed a hall pass on that one...
Me and Tallulah

We're here until Thanksgiving Day when we fly back - the cheapest way to travel, flying on holidays, as it turns out. A saving for the unsentimental. And yes, I know it seems like we're always swanning off somewhere, but there were a couple of days when I was home picking up Cy's socks (for my sins, as they say).

Getting to Manele Bay on Lana'i, off Maui, turned out to be a full-day adventure of planes, taxis and boats.
Harley, Kevin, Cy, Tallulah and Jackson

As with any travel we arrived grumpy and stanky and having experienced the requisite number of monumental meltdowns one would expect in a group of six -  four of whom, in a show of hands, unlikely to have chosen to co-habit for 18 years.  But nothing a few tootsies in the sand can't turn around. Everything here is perfect. The mangoes a rich yellow, the sand a squeaky white and.... ukulele music.

That ukulele music made me think of my brother, Tony, and I at ages 10 and 11. We enjoyed nothing more than grabbing ukuleles lying randomly around the house (as they do in most homes) singing tunelessly and strumming chordlessly "Ukulele baby! Ukulele baby!" until someone (often the neighbours) finally cracked and yelled: Stop! Bloodyhellyoukids - Stop!

A perfect soft breeze rustles the palm trees. Should be utter serenity...but I can't get that tuneless tune out of my head...
Manele Bay

Ukulele baby! Ukulele baby! there any tune going round in your head this afternoon?


  1. You have got a good, good life :)
    Are you staying at the Lodge? That place is pure luxury and magical around Christmas time. So amazing. Have a great trip!

  2. awwww have a great time . . . . love the first pic of you and your daughter! too cute.

  3. I hope you have ann absolute fantastic time---- your photos are great!

    I haven't been to Hawaii, but that is on my list. Meanwhile, I am still running around Honduras for a few more days!

  4. I hope ye have a fab time! Enjoy it while you can... all too soon some won't want to holiday with "the rents" anymore!! I think I might be down to one by next Summer:)

  5. Hey my brother is there for a few days! if you see a very tall Brit who answers to the name Jim say hi!
    ps how lucky you are to be there..looks great.

  6. Flying on thanksgiving is the best! You will love it. The airports are empty. My son and I are flying Thursday too. Best day during thanksgiving week.

  7. Oooh, hawaii. I always wanted to go and even had flights plus hotel sorted out at one point - only to discover that I was pregnant and would be eight months at the point of travelling. Not that much fun.

    PS: Gorgeous family!

  8. Ahhhh, so gorgeous! We are headed to West Texas (go ahead and say it: ewwwww) to visit my husband's family. Hawaii sounds like a much better plan! And I'd be happy to travel on Thanksgiving to make it work -- truly not my favorite meal.

  9. You know how to get the most out of life, even if you can't play the ukulele you go right on doing and loudly! Enjoy your trip.

  10. Aagh having just had the week from hell at work, I am soooo jealous!

  11. Beautiful pictures! Wish I was there with you listening to the music :)

  12. It's been thick fog here all day, so looking at those sunny beach scenes is a real tonic. Just enjoy all the family fun!

  13. Well, you're travelling again! (Do you ever stay home?)

    "Ukulele baby!" Hmmmm. Why not "Tiptoe Through the Tulips," or maybe "Tiptoe through the Sand Bars (on the beach)."

    Hope you have a grand time.

  14. Are you ever home? Have a great holiday!


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