Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Blue and Grey

So sad today to leave Ohope Beach and the blue skies and blue seas and the houses and baches all greyed by the salt air. All around me is grey and blue and going through my snaps, I realized everything I wore was the same colour. I was matching my holiday! ( Do you ever do that?)

Ohope Beach unwindulaxing "sweet as" style

In my grey Standard Issue jersey. Tried to lead by example with the feet washing though the kids seemed genetically hardwired not to follow

 We had some bewty blue/grey evenings. Look. 

Heres a visual of me in my Ricochet ensemble patiently waiting for my glass to be filled, saint-like, I know.

Kiwis seem to love floaty frocks w ssslips underneath, and I followed suit with this one, also by Ricochet.

The silver sneaks were seen all over the beach purchasing lattes, steak and kidney pies and other baked goods with extra buttah.

Then there were the brighter blue moments, down at Port Ohope.

Old linen shirt from J Jill

Old Cover up by Elif, you've seen this one before.

Everyone here is buying 1970's caravans and doing them up. It's veritable caravan madness in this beach I tell you! This one is parked outside the Port Ohope Store.

Same aqua colour in the coffee drinking nook inside.

Inside the caravan. Its a "no kids" coffee drinking area, so we remained outside with our little darlings and just snapped through the window.

The coffee caravan even has a matching bike. 

Blue caravans galore! Our lovely friend Marion who just turned 61 (!) is doing up a blue caravan too. She was a six years ahead of me at school.  I call it the Cariovarion. She and her American husband Jack have lived sussed: they live half the year in Ohope Beach, the other half in Wyoming. She had a health store and then worked as a milk trader in the old Chicago stock exchange, trained by her husband who was a pork belly trader. She was one of his best students, if not the best, because she learned by other people's experiences and didnt have the ego that tripped up other (male) traders, apparently.

Hello Marion! 

This is Marion's neighbors' caravan. Caravan madness I tell you! 

Believe you me, there was a lorralorra blue!! Hope you're dressing like your hols? Or your sparkly sneaks are taking you for baked goods...


  1. What gorgeous photos. Looks like paradise. Love the silver shoes.

    1. Got so much wear from them.
      PS is anyone else getting those weird black lines from Instagram?
      I have not done Insta in months and now I'm getting these strange stretch marks!

  2. That looks heavenly! Everything from the sparkly beach shots to the silver shoes, the slip dresses and the aqua blue caravans. Happy New Year to you and yours x

  3. What lovely weather, and gorgeous colours. The caravans look fun, although modern ones are amazing in the way they get so much nifty stuff in.

    1. I was useless camping when I was a kid, very impractical, siblings were reminiscing about how they always ended up sending me off for water because I was so hopeless at putting up anything.
      My punishment has been my kids inherited my lack of skills


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