Monday, December 21, 2015

Home again (cont.)

Looks like Old blogger app. cut out on me. Heres the rest of the no change is a good holiday from Ohope Beach...There was the annual pilgrimage to Ruby Dunes down the road.

Pillows galore

Pietra and Poppi browsing
Oh yes

The owner Karen is a grandma to grownup kids and never seems to age.

There was the trying on of potentially unsuitable things... One sister said cool of these floral pantaloons cum hammer pants. The other sister added: for a 14 year old. What say you? Mutton dressed as lambe?

Then there was the scouring of the hills for the perfect Christmas tree..,

And yet this was the runty one we ended up with.

The kids complained about my taking snaps and only the cousins look up and around on command.

The sister blister called Pietra arrived with her menagerie of maxi dresses, which get dressed up and down as the sense of occasion calls.

And most importantly the datura and succulents were showing off like nobody's biz.
Mum and Dads house

View to the beach
Sometimes its a good thing that things dont change isn't it? Has your old home changed  much??


  1. GO BACK TO THAT SHOP and BUY me that KAFTAN......the FLORAL Thing in a LARGE or EXTRA LARGE.......I will PAY YOU BACK!I LOVE THAT!MERRY CHRISTMAS............Now I just read about your friends BOOK and I ended up HERE!Must go comment there........PLEASE if you have time I want that KAFTAN!XX

  2. Hi there, for sure I will go back and see if they have those sizes. I think the brand is Holiday

  3. I think I've said it before but your parents have the BEST GARDEN. Plus it's in such a beautiful setting, how could you go wrong anyway. Hope you have a wonderful time with the family, and enjoy the warm Christmas (although I gather it's kind of hot at home this year). I have to say though, that is the saddest looking branch/ Christmas tree I've seen in a long time - you were in a forest looking for it, weren't you?! xx

  4. Merry Christmas Jody to you and yours from all us here at OTWx2.


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