Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Giveaway: Spring Break Stripes

Fashion For Grown-Ups: This is what it really looks like to be over 40!

Today, our First Friday Giveaway is a Coach Striped Wristlet. This fabulous wee purse adds spice and interest to any outfit and is so cool in real life I think I might have to buy one for myself! To be in to win simply leave a comment below. The winner will be drawn randomly next Friday 8th April.

What is it about stripes? They can do casual, dressy, hippy or preppy or a mix of both. They immediately herald good times and Spring Break salt and sand, even if you're wearing a bulky Breton sweater in the middle of the snow. My friend Lisa and I tried them on.

Lisa: Surprise. I have turned into an H&M junkie – I think it’s because of where I am in my life (insert a kindergartener, 1.5 year old dog, rolling around on the ground to snap photos of kiddos, always on the go, here).

To put things into perspective, I wore a cute outfit to the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show over the weekend which included a fab ivory velveteen blazer. Said blazer got destroyed as I was carrying my new lawn sculpture out to the car. It’s now covered in rusty water and in the trash (insert crying here). I honestly don’t know what I was thinking., I wasn’t! Ugh. Such a HUGE bummer.

I guess my point is that that ruining something from H&M is far less tragic. Plus, designer handbags and shoes have a much longer shelf life and are definitely more worth it. Just ask me.

Striped blouse: H&M
Jeans: Paige Denim
Belt: Anthropologie

Jacket: H&M, lessoned learned
Top: H&M
Jeans: Joes
Necklace: Kate Spade
Shoes: Dior

Striped tee: H&M
Skirt: Zara
Tights: Donna Karan
Shoes: Pedro Garcia

Sculpture: by Sophia Flores-Barajas

Jody: Yesterday was Cesar Chavez holiday and 81 degrees.  I had to wait for Tallulah, nine, and Cy, seven to come home from a playdate so they could take these pictures. "We're off outside for water fights!" they called. "Just a few pics!" I pleaded. This was my first foray into hats since 15 years ago when wearing a floppy felt number to a friend's wedding proved not a good look for me (Hmmm, maybe that's why I haven't received an invite to Royal Wedding), winter legs to deal with (say no more) and a turtle brooch that kept wandering off. Plus, I wailed to Lisa, I don't have a fun garden guy like you. "Easy" said Lisa: "Kevin!" With a stripey something on, it's always a no worries day...

Tank: J Crew
Linen jacket: Vince
Hat: Banana Republic
Necklace: Metal Earth

Jacket: Karen Millen
Tank: Abercrombie&Fitch
Shoes: Tory Burch

Shorts suit, sweater, shoes: Marc Jacobs
Turtle brooch: Vintage

Fun Garden Guy: Kevin

What's your favourite stripey thing?

(Btw, blogger Tiffany of Dancing Branflakes is today featuring our deck for her New Zealand dinner. Pop on over!)


  1. A: I agree with Lisa. When you have small kids cheap clothing is where it's at, along with durable more expensive accessories. I also think that sculpture is pretty awesome.

    B: This isn't a pop quiz I swear. I just wanted to comment on both of you. I loooove the hat on you Jody. I actually love that whole look and am figuring out how to recreate it in my own closet.


  2. Are you still on the mouse diet? How do you stay so thin.

  3. Cute giveaway. Please pick me, 4-8 is my birthday and I'm so looking forward to it, I didn't realize it's so close until just now.

    I agree about cheap clothes with little kids and accessorize tight the nicer items.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Great post! I would love to be considered for this giveaway! I love coach wristlets!! I adore the striped tee and skirt your friend is wearing and your blazers and tory burch flats!! You girls look great! Happy weekend. :)

  5. I couldn't agree more. I mix expensive pieces with trendy fun finds all the time. I have dresses that cost less than my lunch. : )

  6. love everything about stripes. fun fashion pics!

    i've just the purse to match that wristlet (coach straw basket/legacy stripe).
    crossing my fingers.


  7. That sculpture is so worth it. Beautiful. That purse is gorgeous too but what is my favourite stripy thing? No, I do spots!!! Did wear a lovely peruna striped jumper today though. Casual but smart.

  8. First time I've been through an on-line fashion show. Interesting. Good-looking.

    No, not interested in the "give away." No idea what I'd do with it; we're in the removing, not acquiring, phase at this point.

  9. What a fun Coach wristlet! Fits right in with all the colorful stripes from Prada this season.

    Lisa, so sorry about ruining your blazer :(
    Your third photo is probably my favorite.
    Jody, I love your yellow and blue outfit. And what a fantastic idea to accent with those beautiful purple and green shoes, and the colorful turtle brooch.

  10. Oh, Jody, you're always so elegant! My favorite stripey thing is actually a cardigan from H&M! :)
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  11. Oh my, a contest regarding stripes?! I must enter! Striped t-shirts are my fav. I cannot get enough of them. (Love your last post too about the cool couple that's doing what they love - inspiring!)

  12. I am loving that Marc Jacobs pinstripe suit. I'm not a formal wear person at all, but if I ever have to do regular office work again I would LOVE a look like that. Ultra sexy yet effortless secretary look. :) You look tremendous, dahlink!

    I also love Lisa's first look up there a lot. Gorgeous.

    As for stripes, YES! I love them. The little clutch is adorable.

  13. Definitely, enter me in the giveaway. I have a Coach wristlet I've been using for years.
    Mixing inexpensive pieces with classics makes for a very easy update. A new blouse or piece of jewelry gives life to a piece you might be tired of wearing.

  14. Purple shoes, gold stripes and this giveaway...its all so cute and fashionable over here!:)

  15. Oh, I love stripes! My favorite was the beautiful strips I spent a week lovingly (and painstakingly) painting on my daughter's bedroom wall only to decide to sell the house (to a family with only boys) a month later. I just bought a striped sundress I'm dying to wear.

  16. I like your "garden guy", Jody, but Lisa's doesn't talk back (Although damn him for ruining your cream blazer - i love it and i haven't even seen it...that's my favorite color/texture).
    anyway, stripes and me, well, let's just say that i need to branch out further in that direction but, ironically, the one stripey piece i own is a navy/cream sweater from H&M! I'm going through my closet this weekend to get rid of stuff and make room for more stripes, especially in my "wristlet section", in case i win:-)

  17. Such a fun post (which is exactly what I need at the moment).

    I totally agree with Lisa. When I worked, I spent a TON of $ on clothing. Staying home, it takes all of about 2 seconds to rip something, stain... destroy in some way or another. So, wearing an expensive item on a typical day is somewhat nerve-wracking. It's so satisfying finding great outfits for less $ too! It's an art :).

    I just bought a blue striped top on a clearance rack at Anthropologie (another favorite spot for "nice" but less expensive buys... Anthro's clearance rack!). It's 2 shades of blue with a slight puff in the sleeves... Fun and perfect for spring. Can't wait to wear it!

    You both look incredibly CUTE in every single outfit!!!!

  18. What fun outfits.


  19. my appeal to get the clutch purse which will definitely go with my current filming outfit and be a must for any documentary crew - is that i've had THE day. here goes - daylight saving finished in new zealand last night, i had managed to convince the family of now deceased but very famous nz poet, to doing a documentary on their efforts to restore his reclusive tiny crib, his home for the last 16 years of his life, into a writers' and artists' retreat. i was to pick them up on our early morning flight this morning. woke up 12 times during the night, fretting i was going to sleep through the alarm, and then my phone didn't change to daylight saving and so woke up to a text from them still waiting on me. screamed out to the airport, willing the virgin mary to delay the flight, screamed out to the airport but we missed the flight and i of course lied that it didn't cost me anything to change our flights to a later one.....

    we are here now in a remote corner of the lower south island of nz, closer to antarctica than anywhere else, after a wonderful afternoon of fish and chips beside the clutha river driving out here from the airport, exploring their father's crib and heading up to the lighthouse.

    i'm staying at a simple motel and the owner just showed me in with all windows and doors open. i asked where the heater was and he said if i needed to switch it on later to take the chill off, here's a small one, and there's a bigger one - but i won't need that. the minute he was out of sight, i closed all the windows and doors, switched both heaters and the electric blankets on!

    they make them tough down here....


  20. Adore Stripes and love this giveaway!

    You look fantastic!


  21. You look amazing! Great give away

  22. wow, another giveaway! so generous of you! :D i would love love to join in. :)

    p.s. i think it's amazing how you described princess diana. :)

    <3, Mimi

  23. I like the top in the first photo. Thanks for sharing the spread.

    Yes, they are sisters. I'll wrote more on them in an upcoming post.


  24. You look absolutely FABULOUS. Love the Banana Republic hat too x

  25. hey good lookin..... loving the marc jacobs.

  26. Oh wow, I love this giveaway! And that turtle broach is fab Jody! I am a stripey person even when it's not on trend and always have a navy/white tee of some sort every spring and summer. Love your gold and white version!

    xo Mary Jo

  27. Love the striped wristlet! ;) Fingers crossed!!

  28. Love all these pictures - adorable outfits! And yay for the giveaway... Perfect colors for spring!

  29. You ladies look so fabulous! im sorry that Lisa's blazer got ruined, the sculpture is pretty cool though! Jody I love your gold tank and look amazing.

    The wristlet for the giveaway is beautiful, love the colors.

    I hope you had a great day.

  30. Oh this is so cute, I see why you would want one! I follow you via GFC :)
    Wish me luck!
    ♥ Noemi
    Twitter : @wegotogoback @cruisewithnoemi

  31. love the multi colored random stripes on this little bag and love your h&m striped tee! very springy!!!

  32. i LOVE that linen blazer on you!!! it looks teeny. . . i always have a hard time finding jackets small enough in the shoudlers!

  33. The stripey wallet is cute (although not quite sure about the sequins). I always try to wear a striped top on the 4th of July. I have no idea why I got into this personal little tradition of mine, but just something nautical and jaunty seemed to be the perfect thing for a red, white and blue holiday - must be because I'm English, I don't know. Anyhow, I've always loved stripes!


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