Friday, August 15, 2014

The Plan - Update

I thought I would give you a final assessment of The Plan, a special diet that detoxes and then uncovers your most "reactive" foods. That includes foods touted as "healthy" like salmon, oatmeal and cauliflower which in fact may make you put on weight and bog you down. I've done it to get more energy. The Plan is supposed to be only 20 days but I was put back after cheating. Here are seven things allowed that's made it bearable.

Watermelon, lemon on everything, chocolate and red wine (neither of which I normally have) siracha sauce, pears and avocados and oil.

Full disclaimer. There was no "clean" cooking last week in Santa Barbara. I tried to follow The Plan menus but often couldn't do it to the letter.

1. Do I feel better?
Yes and No (Sorry, I loathe that answer too). I definitely feel every soupcon of salt and vinegar and additives in food when I go out now. Just so you know how much salt and butter goes into restaurant food - I put on 2lbs overnight when I ate chicken at a restaurant one night. I exercised properly only about three times during the last month and I think adding that would have made me feel better.

2. Good stuff?
The 64 oz of water I drank every day was worth the price of admission as I never drank any water before.  I lost 2lbs when I ate beef. Someone else put on 2lbs when they ate artichokes! Sparkling wine is out, papaya (which I ate all the time) is reactive. Learned more about health in three weeks than in my whole life. I like chia and flaxseeds. (Already knew melted cheese and garlic, dried fruit and nuts are not my friends.)

3. Bad stuff?
It's incredibly complicated and strict. I cannot imagine I am the first person who could not keep to it. (However I could feel the inventor of The Plan, Lyn-Genet's, frustration with me seeped through her emails. Fair enough) There is very little to look forward to except the evening meal with the glass of wine. Lunchtime protein is just seeds and bits of goats cheese. I didn't really like the recipes except for the smoothie.

4. Good for weight loss? I did this to feel sprightlier not lose weight. I have only lost 6lbs. It got me off the lattes, bread and bacon and massive amounts of eggs (my body likes poached eggs but not omeletes - go figure!) My first milk latte this morning was not as triumphant as I expected.

5. Would I do it again?
Yes, but properly this time. Blocking out three weeks. And with someone cooking the recipes (this is available in New York). I can't see this happening.

6. Good for the travel ailment that dare not speak it's name?
My mother emailed me... how was my toilet training going? Much better thanks Mum. I have added Probiotics, flaxseed and magnesium to my toilet training arsenal for my trip to Spain.

Last night I celebrated with a meal at my favorite Oakland restaurant, Hopscotch  I went off the rails badly -  food and too much wine. She's back!


We all mourned that they don't cook the chips in duck fat anymore

Donuts with butterscotch

Pork with peaches and black eyed peas
Hmm what was this?
Oysters with sea urchin and salmon roe. Sublime
Forgot...there was a Tin Lizzy (gin vermouth, peach, thyme, mint) before the wine. Oh dear

Congestion when I got home and terrible sleep last night. I fear it was that wafer-thin sliver of cucumber with the oysters. Or it could have been the Tin Lizzy ...and, um, the three glasses of wine that followed. So all Toxed-Up and ready to head off to Spain tomorrow!

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Forget the plan and have fun in Spain!!

  2. Thanks Linda - think I may just indulge further this arvo with...beans with eggs! A friend has warned me that she didn't think the food in spain was as good as france and Italy. I can't remember what we had in Barcelone now but as i always love Paella I think i ordered that twice a day

  3. Oh my dear!! You are going to adore Spain!! We are just back from 3 weeks in Spain and Portugal. Hit Sevilla and San Sebastain if at all possible. Barcelona is always fabulous too. Can't wait to hear more. It's a good thing you are properly 'detoxed' because that will all be out the window with the tapas and vino of the Spanish lifestyle. I'm still detoxing from our time there. Bon Voyage!!
    xx, Heather

    1. Yes so looking forward to it after seeing your photos and inspired! Thanks heather!

  4. Spain tomorrow!!! Oh my goodness… am looking forward to hearing all about it. Well, interesting that you didn't feel miraculous amounts of energy from The Plan.I didn't on my elimination diet either. I think if you're someone that eats a lot of processed food, then you would maybe? But overall your diet seems very healthy, even if certain foods don't agree with you - you're hardly on a McDonalds/ Krispy Kreme diet, so I guess that people that are will obviously find a massive burst of energy from it. It's hard though - I have things I'm not supposed to eat, but I still do because I like them. Then curse myself for the eczema that results. I think unless it's a life/ death situation (as it is for people with full blown allergies) cheating is too easy… Hope Spain goes well! x

    1. Yes you do feel pretty rubbish that first three days when all the bits and bobs and toxins fall out of you. But actually truthfully. If I'd given up booze entirely for three weeks I would have felt more energized. however as LG says i don't have enough seeds (protein) at lunch and then the yeast thing happens and i crave sugar (wine) all makes sense.

      I may blog from the road if its easy as we have to keep an eye on our phone messages anyway. I would love nothing more than to throw away the phones but won't be able to do that for many a good year,

  5. Have fun in Spain. That Hopscotch meal looks delish and well deserved!!

  6. Move more, eat less, then move some more. Best diet ever!
    Enjoy your trek!

  7. Jody, Cannot wait to hear all about your adventure. Sending you best wishes and hoping you'll find lots of good food, beautiful days and fun.
    I honestly don't know what to make of food anymore! Just enjoy!
    xoxo Kim

  8. Have a great time in, drink, walk, be merry....and I hope you and your body are in harmony at all times x

  9. Good for you for trying the plan out and you have learnt a lot. Wish I was off to Spain tomorrow, I still have 10 days!

  10. Don't know how much the detox woman charged you but here's my suggestion for nothing - you've been dehydrated for 51 years! Drink water! xp

  11. Well that was a bipolar food post! Have a great time in Spain - I am sure it will be interesting and a great experience! Buena suerte x PS hope you are on instagram during your trip??

  12. Spain tomorrow, have a great trip and good walking. I hope your tummy feels excellent, probably the exercise will help. The Plan sounds so complicated and I think you did a great job of it. Will you keep up the water? If you do that while walking I bet you'll feel top-drawer. Have some wine as it's good for the digestion but the key is quantity (sadly), have no more than two glasses and you'll be fine.
    You know what, I've noticed that if I have dessert after wine with dinner I feel a hangover and I don't sleep, probably the sugar on sugar.
    Take care Jody xox!

  13. I'm so excited about your expedition - I hope it's what you need it to be. ¡Buen viaje!

  14. Enjoy Spain, those meal things can work, but they fail to account for an individual and instead do it as a mass appeal. Different people need different things as some bodies can tolerate this and some can only tolerate that.

  15. The plan looks interesting. I'll be looking into it. My Dr took me off gluten, dairy, sugar, beans, wine (which I of course ignored) and I've discovered gluten is not my friend.
    Have a wonderful time in Spain!!

  16. I think I probably need to do something like The Plan but know there's no way on this earth that I will! It's very interesting though. I love the sound of a tin lizzy , right up my street!

  17. Off you guess you will feel much better after the TRIP!


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