Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yoohoo: Jody pops in.

Always ready early. 5pm as usual. On my way out to a dinner party (starting at 7pm) I pop round the corner to my friend Lesley Evers who made this Tilda frock. In fact she makes loads of different shirtwaist dresses, a veritable lollystore of colours and patterns galore. This one is in my favourite colour, lilac. Worn with with purple and red Marc Jacobs shoes, though I have lost the ankle straps to them. Did any of you find them? Let me know.

In the background you will see a 1950's wooden credenza they bought at the Alameda Antique Fair. Groovy baby orange wallpaper was schooshed up by Lesley and hubby Curtis in just two hours (oops... Curtis says it was actually five hours, then three, then all day. Lesley says half an hour). Don't try and schoosh up your own wallpaper.

What's the story with my legs? Ghostly pale, they look positively Dickensian. Need more slapping of the fake tan cream. My current one is Hawaiian Tropic Radiance, from CVS it's cheap and cheerful, goes on clear and really does take you three shades darker. Which one do you like?

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