Saturday, June 5, 2010

tootsies and topsoil knowledge

Jackson turned 11 and he wanted a paintball party, but I  couldn't get all his friends together that day (trans: slacker mum  didn't  get act together). So  I picked him up early and we did a joint mani-pedi. At Loann's, in Montclair Village, Oakland.

Jax opted for two shades of green and I always struggle to get the right shade of orange. But we were both really happy with our toes.

Afterwards I  emailed Dave, my brother in law. A young guy (well, 40),  always up with things.  Like many  Kiwis, I love hearing about latest lastest bizarre trends and sayings here.

Dave is modest and says he knows a little about a lot. "Topsoil knowledge" he calls it.  I tell him about the mother-son mani pedi.  Never heard of that, he said. Landsakes,  peeps, have I created a trend?

Before the mani-pedi we ate at Kakui a new Japanese restaurant in Montclair Village.  The staff all  call out greetings in Japanese when you enter. Makes you feel you're in a very elegant Cheers.
Jackson had the grilled salmon, which was moist on the inner and crisp on the outer, just right and I had ten pieces of sashimi, melt in the mouth.

The maitre'd (a woman) kept an eye on all our tables and her whispered proddings to the waitresses made you feel very well looked after.  Kakui is minimalist with dark woods, rusted metal with three enormous paintings on the walls, yellow, blue and red.
"What do you think of the art?" I asked Jackson.  "Mmm gloomy...but they suit the place". I knew just what he meant: they make the place not gloomy, but atmospheric.
Is that topsoil knowledge of art or just instinct?

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