Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shoes on the streets of New York - in six month's time

It's surreal seeing the shoes we will be wearing in the future. In Spring anyway. For my Kiwi friends, Spring is March, six months away. In my final day at Coterie , New York's top fashion trade show, I want to see what Spring will bring tootsie-wise. I discover: it is rain with shine.

Sorry to use bold with italics, but to explain: there was a lot of shiny brights that are right for rain. Like these Jelly high-heels. They looked totally prepared for water, whether it be rain or sea-spray and yummy enough to nibble on.

Having visited New York in the summer, I know how often people wear gumboots or wellies (rain boots) with their dresses, shorts and trousers.  The iconic British company Hunter offers an incredible range, from the old style army green, to heeled laced-up raspberry and purple and clubbin' gold.  I have never wished for rain, but crickey, these gumboots are just so puddle-splashing perfect.

Robert Clergerie, the French designer whom I mentioned before, has the seal-sleekiest grey and white stacked heels. J'adore you, Bob.

The sensible chic clogs of the moment are Hasbeens from Sweden. They are all prepared for fun and form with blue sling-backs and girly rustic in the grey and pink ankle boots. So lovable and the salespeople were some of the sweetest in the show.

And finally, not right for rain but great for shine were these zipper-love sandals for Halston Heritage, in orange. They don't really fit in with my "rain with shine" story, but they are orange so I had to put them in.

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