Monday, January 17, 2011

Bronzy Old Bag

Disastrous packing for my two weeks in New Zealand, by the way.

As I predicted before the trip, I mostly wore this one "uniform", pictured below. A pair of white shorts, my blue-green tank and gold Havianas, pictured at my sister Pietra's apartment in Auckland. (Don't worry, with frequent washing).

Of my six pairs of high shoes, only one pair ever came out of my bag and just for one night.  I wore only one of my five "going out' outfits and only one of my four necklaces and I never looked at a single page of my six books. And I was constantly hauling that huge bag out of the room and into the car and packing and unpacking. Meanwhile Tallulah, nine, used everything in her tiny carry-on. The lesson: just take a carry-on. But have full outfits with necklaces and shoes that go with.

But I did get a goodly amount of use out of my foundation and bronzer. It has to be said there was a weeny bit of gentle sisterly advice about how much bronzer I use. "Holy heck!!! How much of that stuff have you got on? Go and look at yourself! Dare you to post a photo of yourself in that much make-up!!" Also being back in New Zealand I thought I would revert to my old Uni look of pink lippy and shiny lilac eyeliner  (this was mid-Eighties) which, I agree, was a mistake. But ssshurely you can't wear too much bronzer?

Hmm. Yes. Scary.


  1. Jody- Oh, you are one brave woman to post that photo! You must really love to egg your sister on!


  2. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I've only heard amazing things about NZ. I'm also the worst at packing.

  3. isn't that how it always end up wearing the same thing over & over. you made me laugh. i get to visit oz about once a year and hope to stop by nz one of these trips. thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. love seeing your photos :) great blog!!

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  5. Woah - sweet makeup! heh

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. As a girl from NZ, I'm sure you totally get the kinda guy that might encourage the name "Taranaki Mongrel" ;)

    And thanks for sending my blog on to your sister. Meeting up with Pietra on Monday - sounds like an exciting project.


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