Sunday, September 8, 2013

All My Friends Are Gay

Last weekend, Platinum, the hip hop dance group I joined (you didn't expect to read those words from a 51-year-old did you?) performed at Gay Pride in Oakland. Platinum are part of the New Style Motherlode studio in Oakland and are billed as seasoned dancers (older is such an ugly word, darlings). Currently we are aged between 41 to 62. The audience was two blocks long.

Platinum performing at Gay Pride (my fascinator had fallen off)

New Style Motherlode and Platinum perform the Action Jack

Doing the classic "shoulder swipe" action

Waiting in the dressing tent. Our director, Corey Action, right

Our dressing tent neighbours

Paula knitting before she goes on


"Ms Jody" our sleeves had our names on them

 Toni and me (right) flagbearers for Hella Gay

I appear to be doing something a little different from everyone else...

That morning I was suffering from a cornucopia of free-floating anxieties. Would I make a mistake, would I fall off the stage?  There's nowhere to hide if you're wearing pink tights, dotty frilly skirt and fascinator!  Then the music started and all I could do was grin. One of the transvestites dancing in front of us ceremoniously lifted her skirt and showed us... her very naked bum. The ultimate appreciation, friends!

First off there was Watch me Work....skim to the middle to view us. At times I appear to be doing a completely difference dance to everyone else, hmmm. Then there was Action Jack  - we're in the back. And then Hella Gay, the latest song from Corey Action and pretty much my personal anthem. The words go "All my friends are gay"

I caught my eldest, Harley, (16 years old today by the way) watching the videos. "Mom" he said: "Good for you - you are getting way low on that one move."

"The man said: On the flo!" I answered. Actually I didn't, but I should have said it. Artistic license darlings.

Any on the flo' in your weekend?


  1. You are so cool. and you should go on tour!

  2. What fun! These things where you go just out of ones normal comfort zone are such great memories...

  3. haha look at you go
    And getting low
    Looks like fun was surely had
    And all were glad

  4. LOVE IT!! How fun! I know how you feel having done that embarrassing dance at the charity auction last year I once wrote about in a comment to you - the anxiety, then the exhilaration (although as I really can't dance, you can imagine the anxiety was pretty bad). Love the whole thing, and you look like you're having so much fun. I am, however, disappointed with the costumes - far too tasteful and covering. The neighbours totally showed you up! Next year you all need to don some fluoro leopard print bras and beehives. xx

  5. Love that you are doing this, Jody! Amazing fun and how great! I know you are so talented!

  6. Bloody brilliant - my 7 year old just started hip hop lessons and I sit in the waiting room desperately hoping to be asked to join them!

  7. I adore the way you embrace life. Hip hop! Why not? Looks like it was a blast.

  8. Fantastic! No one would notice the missing fascinator with that fab shoulder shimmy going on! All the ladies look brilliant, well done you.
    And Happy Birthday to Harley!

  9. If push ever comes to shove I want you in my are fan-bloody-tastic. So much love of live and give it a go about get up and go got up and went and you just smile and look fabulous and keep on going...good on'yer gal.

  10. You are awesome! I love the way you just do it all.

  11. You're so cool :)) Loved these pictures...I can spot you out of all of them with your big happy smile, so sweet :)) Am glad you had fun, love dancing!! xx

  12. On the flo', Jody. You are a total blast!

  13. Looks like a blast!! If I tried any of those moves I would fall flat on my face :)

  14. Good grief. Impressed, I am. What do your kids think?

    1. Incredibly embarrassed as you might imagine! but then that's my current aim in life - to embarrass them!!!

  15. Looks like you had a blast! I remember once doing a flash mob in the middle of Civic Center in SF during Pride, but I had a large Margarita in my stomach :)

  16. That's my girl! Public performances involving gyrations and fascinators and pink tights should be made obligatory for women of our age. Doesn't it make you feel good!
    So impressed!

  17. Wow!! I am so impressed! I agree with Harley-you got low or 'hella flow' for sure. Happy Bday Harley! It looks like you had a totally blast. I want to do this. We were in some good 'flo' ourselves this last weekend with my fab 83 year old mother's wedding. I mean....'flo' gorgeousness.
    You rocked it lady! Loved it!
    xx, Heather

  18. Totally awesome Jody! You rock. I so want to do what you do! This sounds like a blast!


  19. Are you serious? I freakin LOVE hip hop - so jealous!! I may just need to start a group here in Chi! Whoop Whoop - keep inspiring me!

  20. I am so impressed. What a great job. Love it.

  21. How cool! I love it. I know who to look for if they open So You Think You Can Dance for the "seasoned." lol

  22. That sounds like so much look amazing!!

  23. OMG I just love love love that you are part of this!!! Kinda jealous too! I want a group down here like that . . . love your posts : )


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